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5 Tips For Keeping the Cold Away in Winter

It’s that time of year when Christmas is long behind us yet we’re still in the heart of winter. The nights are cold and there’s frost outside every morning. Summer seems a long way away and we need to find ways to keep warm at home without having the heating on full blast 24/7.

Keeping the cold at bay can be difficult, and it can make you feel miserable and uncomfortable all the time. So what can you do to stay warm when you’re working from home or spending time with the family on weekends? Here are some tips to keep your house toasty all day and prevent the cold from taking its toll.

Wrap up warm

It’s far easier and cheaper to heat your body than it is to heat your home. Wearing multiple layers will help you to trap heat close to your body and stay warmer for longer. Opt for thermal base layers, thick woolen jumpers and leggings for optimum layering. We lose a lot of heat through our head and feet, so putting on thick comfy socks and a warm hat can make a big difference too. When relaxing on the sofa, put a blanket around you and consider getting a hot water bottle for that extra bit of comfort.

Eat warming foods

Warming your core through nourishing food and drink is a great way to raise your temperature. Hot and hearty foods like stews and soups are not only delicious, but will help you to feel more comfortable at home. Drink plenty of hot drinks such as tea and coffee, but opt for herbal beverages if you want to limit your caffeine consumption.

Eliminate draughts 

If there are gaps in your window frames and doorways, cold air can get into your house and make you feel chilly. Go through your entire home and try to seal any cracks to trap as much heat in as possible. Get draught excluders to stop cold air seeping underneath your front and back doors, or use a rolled up towel for a cheaper alternative.

Get your heating serviced

Although you will want to save money on your heating bill, it’s a good idea to have it on for a short while each day. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening is enough to warm your home, prevent dampness, and keep your pipes from freezing. An efficient and well-maintained heating system will be far more effective at warming your property, so make sure you get it serviced regularly by a reliable HVAC company.

Move around

When the air is freezing it can be tempting to try and stay still to prevent heat loss, but this is the wrong thing to do and will only cause you to get colder and colder. The best solution is to move around and warm your body up through gentle exercise. Having a workout every day will keep your blood flowing and if you start to feel cold just do a set of star jumps or push ups to raise your temperature.

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