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Adding Value To The People In Your Surroundings

Have you ever been at a meeting, interacting and talking to people, when suddenly you felt the entire atmosphere of the room change? You glance around and discover that someone has entered the room and all focus is shifting towards them. What happened? The thoughts and attitudes we carry inside our bodies manifest themselves in real physical ways a lot stronger then we realize sometimes. The way we walk and carry our bodies. The expression on our face. The tones we say our words in. And even the clothes we choose to wear. All of these are outward expressions of what we think inside. So by knowing how much of our surroundings that we can control, how can we add value to people in those surroundings?

The Value of Knowledge

You can never be too smart. There’s always so much to learn. Everyone we meet has knowledge we can use to build on. It may be good wisdom that we can apply to our growth or it may be negative stories that keep us from future mistakes. By keeping our minds open, we can pick up tidbits of information on many, many different subjects. All will come in handy some day, when talking with someone or dealing with a unique situation. Being knowledgeable in vast areas will help us in understanding others, creating better relationships, or even in giving words of advice. Our knowledge need never be wasted when we share it to add value to others’ lives.

Value of Kind Words

Our words carry so much power. We can use them either to build up or tear down. The choice is ours. By being intentional about our thoughts, we can control our words when faced with unexpected circumstances. The harshness will not come out and destroy relationships. Instead we can have kind words that heal, praise that builds up, and happiness that spills over to encourage. Giving credit where it is due can reach far beyond the current moment. It can give potential to act on buried dreams. Or the push of strength to take the next hard step. Our words can add so much value to those around us. They will look forward to meeting and spending time with us, because we speak words they need. 

Building The Community

Adding value also means doing things like building the community. David DeQuattro is someone who has done this both physically, and literally designing and developing many of the buildings in his local area in Providence as part of his work at his architectural firm. 

The way the physical and social environment looks because of our actions can make a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Having leaders who they can turn to in times of crisis or throughout the year is an excellent way to contribute to the community without necessarily thinking about how we can do something personally. Putting the community structure itself in place often builds tremendous value for people.

Sharing Our Experiences

Adding value sometimes means being vulnerable. Not a word we like to think about. But our life experiences, hardships, and victories are what others need to hear. The value they add to people who are going through similar situations is incredible. It brings hope when they can relate to real life people who have made it through the same dark days they are currently facing. It also brings a closeness and realization that we have experience and can be trusted when we share words of advice. Sharing our story with humility can add amazing value even beyond the initial person who received it.

Reaching Out a Helping Hand

It’s been said many times, “a leader is first a servant.” This is so very true when we think about adding value to others lives. Being willing and ready to lend a helping hand whenever we can, encourages so many. They can feel the caring heart we have by our actions. And a caring heart goes far in people who are struggling to keep going on. 

We all have special talents and gifts that would be gratefully accepted and needed. We do not need to become overwhelmed with helping everyone, all the time. But if we keep our eyes open we will find plenty of opportunities to lend a listening ear, speak kind words, hold doors open, pick up dropped items, and so much more. Often we skip the small opportunities without realizing how much value they would add to others’ lives. Take a good look at your community and identify the causes or organizations you can volunteer. Sometimes, all it takes is noticing a gap and filling it. You can make an impact in the lives of people experiencing homelessness by donating your old clothes or hot meals to them. In other instances, you can become a foster parent to children who don’t have a family. Also, if you have any professional skills, you can organize a free workshop for those who are willing to learn. This can be your contribution to developing a sustainable community. Helping others can bring fulfillment to you and keep you grateful for what you have.

Choosing to Add Value

Adding value is a choice we each have to make multiple times every day. In fact we’re faced with that choice in everything we do. All of our actions are either adding value or tearing down. If we were determined to add as much value as possible, to every situation we faced, what would our lives be like? What would our community be like? And how much better would our world be?! 

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Lynette Conley

Lynette is a Southern belle transplanted to central Pennsylvania. She lives with her little gentleman who is an avid Lego-lover and her little princess who loves to read and draw. She loves designing and has put that passion to work by creating her own children’s clothing line. After finding the courage to leave a failing marriage she realized that there were so many other women who needed to find their own courage. As she shared her heart and the new things she was learning about bravery, she felt drawn to reach a helping hand to those coming behind her. That launched an opportunity to touch many more lives through writing and mentoring. She's excited to grow and learn in this We Community and hopes that her writing will encourage all who read!

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