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Embracing the Beauty in the Ordinary

I am once again reminded that there is beauty in the every day moments as I watch the sunrise while holding our 8 week old. It is the ordinary, every day moments that matter. They matter more than we will ever realize. I am reminded that true joy comes to us in these moments, if we forget the to-do list and focus on the here and now. 

I’m thankful that this summer has been a constant reminder of that.

Running from Ordinary

Before this summer, we were always rushing from one thing to the next. I filled our days with so many errands and so many people, I never truly embraced the idea of living or motherhood. I was running from my fears of not being enough. My fears of not giving my children the best childhood possible. I was running from ordinary.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the time spent wandering the aisles of Target or planning BBQs for 40 of our “closest friends.” My life was easier then. My business kept me from acknowledging any fear or pain. It allowed me to portray that I had it all together despite my crumbling foundation. All of this distracted me from the beauty that can be found in simple, ordinary moments.

Moments of Honesty and Perfection

With slower days and less people, my days are now spent mostly at home. At home reflecting, growing, learning, accepting. My time is also spent in a home filled with laughter and love. A sound I rarely heard before. Not because it wasn’t there, I was just too busy to hear it or feel it. It has been a time of making beautiful memories. Not perfect memories, but ordinary memories that are filled with moments of honesty and perfection.

With each summer day that passes, I am reminded that there is beauty in the mundane. There is joy in the quiet. I’m reminded that growth doesn’t require me to run in the rat race. Growth for me is finding peace in the ordinary moments.

I haven’t mastered the art of finding peace in the every day, ordinary moments. Some days I still grumble about mundane. Other days I still dream of wandering the aisles of Target. But I am learning that when I slow down to intentionally enjoy the sound of laughter within my home, the beauty of the sunrise, or the good morning kiss I get each day from my husband, I am enough and their childhood is extraordinary!

Emily Jorgensen

Emily's roots will always be in Michigan, but she loves being able to call Colorado home. She has been married to her hunk of a husband for four years and they have two of the most amazing children. She believes in showing up for each other. Showing up to share the real, ordinary, and extraordinary parts of life. She thinks the three most beautiful traits a human can possess are grace, rawness and vulnerability. When people possess those traits and if they are willing to do the hard work of leaning in, feeling uncomfortable and owning their stories, they can find their true purpose. When Emily started doing the hard work, she came to the realization that her purpose was to serves others, while giving grace. When people are fully granting grace to others, they are loving them without judgment and accepting them for who they are at that exact moment in time. When people do those two things, they are able to truly show up for each other. It might be hard. It might take courage, but it is the most important thing people can do for each other.

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