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Curb the distractions: Journey Together with 2 Techniques

Do 24 hours a day seem not enough to handle it all? You aren’t alone. Balancing family and business while maintaining a sense of self …


My Husband Annoys Me Beyond Belief: Five Reasons Why I Stay Married

I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for almost twenty-five years. We bonded over deep belly laughter and amazing sex. That grew into sharing …

breaking free

Let Yourself Go: Breaking Free From Harmful Self Control

How many of you cringed just reading the words “Let yourself go”? From a very early age we are exposed to external forms of control. …

just one child

Just One Child? Why People’s Family Sizes Are None of Your Business

In a New Year’s quest to declutter, my husband and I decided to sell our piano that had been sitting in our house collecting dust …

personal reading challenge

My 2020 Personal Reading Challenge: Six Great Books in Six Months

In a world of audiobooks, podcasts, online videos and information overload – it’s easy to get out of the habit of good old-fashioned reading. Reading …

The Power in a Personal Development Conference

I recently attended a personal development conference called Rise, created by Rachel Hollis (more info here). This excited me so much that I bought the …

Parenting a Tween Daughter: What She Needs Most

Parent of a Tween Girl! I’ve recently entered a new phase in mum-life. Becoming the parent of my very own tween daughter! Of course I’ve …

The Power of Yet: Making Space for a Growth Mindset

I don’t know how many times my yoga teacher told me that I just “had” to read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Many. …

special needs, support, special needs parenting, survival guide,

Telling Your Story Can Be a Survival Guide for Special Needs Parents

“One day you’ll tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide.” …

Mommy Guilt: If You Are Giving it to Yourself, Stop it

Before I was a mom, I knew that mommy guilt was a thing. I knew to be careful if I experienced this. One thing I …

Trying to figure out life.

You Reap What You Sow: How This Phrase Affected My Mindset.

There is an old proverb that mentions the idea of you reap what you sow. If you’ve ever heard this growing up, how did you …

Empowered women

Empowered Women Should Not Equal Disempowered Men

I would say that I got onto my own path of empowerment in my early 20’s. I was a single mom with my daughter for …


Behold: A Powerful Practice to Embrace

I stepped out of the car and happened to glance down at the ground before landing on my feet. An odd-shaped rock caught my eye. I …


The Importance of Having People Like Us and Un-like Us!

I’m a big believer in finding our circle, squad, or tribe. Individuals who have similar ideas, beliefs, and values is important because they will encourage, …

Valentine's Day

My Husband is Not the Romantic Valentine’s Type, He’s His Own Novel.

Happy Valentine’s season my fellow comrades. I know this can be a sensitive time for many of us and it can also be a time …

Celebrating the Lives and Legacy of Childless Women

The Lives of Childless Women I often struggle in celebrating the lives of growing families around me. Counting myself among childless women I feel like …

Creating Positive Affirmations — Change Your Mindset and Your Reality

How affirmations can be a calming force for people with anxiety or stress.

losing my voice

Losing My Voice, Gaining Perspective: Two Lessons I Learned from Staying Quiet

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. Ram Dass Losing My Voice; Literally Last week, I lost my voice. And I mean that …

Love and Kindness Go Together: A Relationship Reminder

Love and kindness go together. They really do. In my 20 years as a counselor, I’ve been astounded at how many people say and do …

no judgment

Opinions: Everyone Has One But You Never Know Who is Sitting Next to You

Opinions are like… and everyone has one. We’ve all heard the saying, but I find myself baffled that while we wouldn’t dare to share our …

When Grief Moves In and Unpacks Her Bags: How Grief Changed Me

When grief officially moves in and unpacks her bags, she becomes a part of every breath and every moment whether we like it our not. …

the other side of fear, what not to fear

Phobias for Fuel: Recognizing the Other Side of Fear

It’s hard to know what not to fear because the other side of fear isn’t commonly acknowledged. However, it can be advantageous to do so. …

begin again

Just Begin Again: The Power of Your Personal Reset Button

We’ve been sold the lie of perfection. Perfection lies out there, somewhere, with someone else. However, life has never been about being perfect. It’s always been about being and becoming. And one of the greatest tools we have on our journey of being and becoming is our personal reset button.

expectation, expect, needs

Your Kids Are Going To Leave: Stop Expecting Them To Fill Your Needs

Our children are miracles. They make us proud, frustrate and challenge us and they teach us a lot about ourselves. However, they are not ours …

Planning for success

Planning a New Year’s Resolution That Will Be a Success

Our New Year’s Resolution The New Year begins and we smile and hug ourselves as thoughts of thousands of new opportunities dance in our heads! …

Finding Yourself in the New Year: Awakening Your Creativity in 2020

It seems that everyone sets some type of goal or selects a word for the new year. Today I wanted to share some ways to …

Sleep Deprivation: Affecting Your Daily Function, Relationship and Sex Life

What is it about you having a lousy night’s sleep that makes everyone else seem so awful? Sleep deprivation is no joke when it comes …

Learn.Change.Grow; Evolving to Become The Next Version of YOU!

We all make goals this time of year, and we should – learning and growing should be something we aspire to always do. Realizing where …

joy of missing out

Finding Comfort in JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out

I have lived half my life with the fear of missing out or “FOMO” – even when this now-popular acronym didn’t exist to describe my …

woman cleaning

New Year? New You? What About a New Clean Space?

Happy New Year to you all. Tis’ the season for resolutions and promises for the upcoming year. I hear a lot about working on ourselves, …

Ditching Diets and Embracing Self-Acceptance Instead: The Healthiest I’ve Ever Been!

This year I’m turning 40 and I have one intention for the year: to be the healthiest I have ever been.  I would venture to …

Exchanging Our Agendas for a Posture of Curiosity this New Year

It’s the New Year and we all know what that means….New Years Resolutions. While I think the idea behind the practice of making goals for …

Seven Lessons I’ve Learned from Unplugging for Seven Days

I recently took a trip to Jamaica for a week. It was heaven. The weather was warm and the water was turquoise. It was everything my …

Holiday Money Blues: 4 Tips to Get your Finances Back on Track

Now that the holidays are over, and the first credit card statement shows up, gulp! Did you spend more than you planned? It happens to …

navigating friendships

Navigating Friendships Through All Stages of Life: 4 Things I’ve Learned

Friendships are hard. Period. Navigating friendships through all stage of life is hard, especially as life changes. When friendships are good you feel great, but …

honor the cycles of the moon

Honor the Cycles of the Moon to Reconnect to Your Natural Rhythms

I often look up at the night sky and feel my home is up there somewhere. I can feel my soul pulling toward the stars …

embracing the imperfect

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect: Embracing the Imperfect

There’s nothing quite like one’s first-ever blog post to serve up a big helping of vulnerability, is there? But really, the craving to be more …

There is Nothing Wrong With Having Postpartum Depression: It is Okay

The reality is, Postpartum Depression is a very real thing. According to the CDC, 1 in 9 women experience symptoms of Postpartum Depression. And there …

Word of the Year: Find Empowerment Through Words in 2020

Someone very close to me once told me that she had a ‘Word of the Year’ that she reminded herself of frequently throughout 2019. She …

Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick: How to Handle Disappointment

Shattered Dreams Six months ago, our lives became shattered and fractured in one fatal swoop. All of our dreams and our sense of security vanished, …

Hire a coach

Put Me In, Coach: Why I Quit Therapy to Hire a Coach

I walked into my very first appointment with a therapist around the age of 12. I don’t remember if there was a particular instance that …

Going to the Gym

I Hate Going to the Gym: 5 Tips For Making Working Out Fun

Finding Joy in Going to the Gym I have loathed going to the gym my entire adult life. I do not get that “high” that …


Cultivating Patience to Gain Self-Control: 5 Lessons From Avocado Seeds

When we try to cultivate patience to gain self-control it can be a difficult task. To cultivate means to prepare or nurture something, more so …

Vision Boards – Express Your Desires and Visualize Your Future

There is a lot of buzz around the idea of vision boards. You’ve been probably seeing vision board workshops popping up all over your social …

stepping away

Stepping Away From a Broken Marriage and Saving More Than Yourself

That one small act of stepping away, that you performed in the moment of tremendous courage, has the power to change destinies of the next …

authentic self

This New Year: Resolve to Finally be Your Authentic Self in 6 Steps

“To be authentic, we must cultivate the courage to be imperfect — and vulnerable. We have to believe that we are fundamentally worthy of love …

looking back

Looking Back: A Heart-Centered New Year’s Eve Ritual

Rituals are an integral part of the holiday season. They are shaped by ancestry, faith, and culture, varying from person to person, family to family. …

gift present

Let’s Gift the Gift of Being Present: 4 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Creating a list, checking it twice, sticking to a budget, making sure the kids are happy and loved. It’s easy to get so wrapped up …

holidays are hard

The Holidays are Hard For Me: Navigating a Tough Season

The holidays are hard. Driving into work the other day I could barely keep the tears back. I hurt. Life hurts right now. The holidays …


The Universe Gives Us Signs: Listen and Take Action!

“The universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something …


Holiday Blues: Coming Face to Face with Loneliness and Discovering Joy

It was a crisp autumn day, down under in the southern hemisphere of New Zealand.  Wandering around the city of Auckland, I found myself people-watching …

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