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Fun Facts and Tips: 15 Things you Didn’t Know About Money and Finance

Money is always such a serious and sometimes taboo topic. We all want more of it and spend a lot of time researching ways to …

Kneading dough can really help you de-stress.

Baking is How I Unwind, Even When It’s Stressful

My favorite unwinding activity is baking, even though that’s something that be stressful or can go wrong at any given time.

Envy, the Little Green Monster

I’ll be honest with you, until a little while ago I did not grasp the difference between jealousy and envy. I thought they were synonyms …

Busy life

Learning to Live in the Moment: It Changed my Life for the Better

I slowed my stroll down the sidewalk and paused to lean against the side of the building. Casually I observed the bypassers and wondered at …

Bonus Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet NOT Related to Weight Loss

The low-carb lifestyle may not be for everyone, but I encourage you to do some research and see if perhaps reducing your sugar and carbohydrate …

planner for journaling

Using a Planner for Journaling: 3 Ways to Save Time

Using a planner for journaling is a great way to reduce your journaling time. One of the biggest reasons people do not journal is the …

accepting help

Help and Be Helped: What Makes Accepting Help So Hard?

I love helping people. It makes me feel purposeful and fulfilled. Every time I’ve taken an Enneagram test, I’m a 2. “The Helper.” I want …

Surviving the Adult Teen Years: One Mom’s Two Cents

One mom’s two cents to get you through those last few tumultuous adult teen years. Parenting is hard. Parenting adult teens is hella hardest. And …

woman's feet walking away

Leaving the Fitness Industry: What I Learned About my Body and Soul

After more than 15 years of working in the fitness industry, I recently walked away from teaching indoor cycling classes. Leaving the fitness industry was …


Don’t Like Your Family? Five Reasons Why You Can Stop Feeling Guilty

There is nothing wrong with you because you cringe at the thought of being around your family (or someone in your family). And, if you …

spring cleaning spring path

Six Ways That Spring Cleaning Will Declutter Your Life

Spring is here! It’s hard to feel it right now amid the Coronavirus shutdowns but it’s here. With the change in seasons comes the warmer …

How Many Times Are You Willing to Get Back Up When You Fall?

We all, at some point in our lives, have fallen down physically or mentally, ranging from childhood to adulthood. We’ve collected a treasure chest full …

Being Ok With Being Ok: The Unspectacular Article

Writing is a love. A passion. A joy. But it is not always easy. While I immensely enjoy the opportunity to share my heart, to …

How to Spark Transparent Connections through “How are you?”

I have long known that God created me with the gift of transparency. But have since learned to shroud it in discernment. To pause for …

I Don’t Have to Save the World Today and Neither Do You

So, I have this problem.  It’s not, like, a bad problem, necessarily.  And it’s not one of those problems where I have brief moments of …

Embrace the Season You’re In – Something Valuable is Coming

I curled up under a blanket on the carpeted floor of our master bedroom closet. Pulling the pillow over my head, I squeezed my eyes …

Nature; Essential Oils

My love of all things natural: Embracing essential oils and their benefits

My love of all things natural. I was very young when my love of all things natural began. My parents were instrumental in this, although …

Talk about the hard

It’s Not Only Okay To Talk About The Hard, It’s Necessary!

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” -Brene Brown Life is filled with so many amazing moments. There is so much to celebrate, so …

compulsive thinking

Outta’ Your Head: Saying No to the Tyranny of Compulsive Thinking

Stress. Tension. Anxiety. Busyness. We have too much to do! Too many hats to wear! Too many places to be! We believe life would calm …

Cultivating My (un)Grateful Heart

My heart has grown quite disengaged and resentful of late. The world seems so harsh and unkind. Messages of hate and judgment, acts of cruelty …

said the wrong thing

We’ve All Said the Wrong Thing Before So Let’s Give a Little Grace

I’m the type of person who thinks about the times I’ve said the wrong thing over and over again. These comments will pop into my …


Growing Through Rejection, Indifference, and Self Preservation

I was fourteen years old as I stepped off the school bus. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I had just experienced deep rejection. Behind …

Saying That You are Fine When You are Falling Apart

If I had a dollar for every time I said that I was fine when I was falling apart I would be rich. I am …

information credibility

How to Identify Credibility When Information is Constant

There is a constant stream of information in our lives today. We have devices that fit in the palm of our hands that have access to all the information in the world. And if we don’t have said device, there is certainly someone in our circle that does and openly shares this information, whether requested or not. How do we weed out the noxious misinformation? Is it possible to define credibility within constant change?

An Intuitive Eating Introduction — And How It Can Change Your Life

There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about intuitive eating. More people are waking up to the fact that the “wellness …

Sleepless Phase of Life

I’ll Never Sleep Again: Finding the Humor in a Sleepless Phase of Life

Ahh, sleep deprivation. A sleepless state of existence that is near and not-so-dear to my heart. As a matter of fact, I don’t know that …


The Secret to Writing Words that have Power, Meaning, and Purpose

One year ago I said I would never write a blog. Two months later, here I am, still writing blogs. Oh no…Not another blog! You may want …

Asking for Help: The Hard. The Beauty. The Freedom.

I. Need. Help. Three words that bring rise to a myriad of feelings, emotions and physical reactions. To ask for help is to be vulnerable. …

sitting on a bridge looking our over gloomy water on a cloudy day

Healthy Ways to Boost Your Mind and Body Out of the Mid-Season Funk!

Ever feel like you need a little mid-season boost after the holidays? During the final quarter of the year, we are celebrating with lights and …

The Magnificent Mundane: Finding Belonging From Your Line of Survivors

All the little moments that get lost when you are busy running the race to achievement. It’s within these moments where belonging waits to be found.

From 30 to 40, a Decade of Transformation

For me, the time between 30 and 40 was truly a decade of transformation. Sometimes it can feel like we haven’t accomplished much. Usually, though, …

A Lesson I Learned From My Mom: Be Yourself

My mom says lots of things. Let me clarify.  My mom has a big mouth.  Okay, wait, that’s not what I’m going for either.  My …

The Wave of Suffocation: Longing for More

The wave of suffocation had finally reached shore and was pulling me under. You see, I used to be the girl who longed for more. …

Books of history

The Value Of Our History Begins In Our Thoughts

The Beauty of History The value of our History is such a beautiful thing! Because there’s so much you can learn from it. And by reading …

Crapper Canvases: Lessons Learned From Bathroom Art

This reflection of the impact my mother’s bathroom decor had on my life lessons got me reminiscing on other lessons I’ve taken from crapper canvases.

Making Friends (Again) as an Adult.

No matter the stage or age we’re in, having great friends is a coveted circumstance. Finding a squad of authentic friends who appreciate you in …

Fighting your Inner Mean Girl with Positive Self-Love

Up until fifth grade I felt I had led a positive, normal Midwest life. Although not together, my parents loved me. I had lots of …

Keep your Marriage Thriving: Tips for Special Needs Parents

Let’s talk about how to keep your marriage thriving, and some tips for special needs parents. Let’s face it, having a good marriage does not …

Your Legacy is Still Yours to Create- How Will You Build It?

My maternal grandmother lived in a small town in Iowa. She wore curlers in her hair at night and didn’t leave the house without lipstick. …

Curb the distractions: Journey Together with 2 Techniques

Do 24 hours a day seem not enough to handle it all? You aren’t alone. Balancing family and business while maintaining a sense of self …


My Husband Annoys Me Beyond Belief: Five Reasons Why I Stay Married

I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for almost twenty-five years. We bonded over deep belly laughter and amazing sex. That grew into sharing …

breaking free

Let Yourself Go: Breaking Free From Harmful Self Control

How many of you cringed just reading the words “Let yourself go”? From a very early age we are exposed to external forms of control. …

just one child

Just One Child? Why People’s Family Sizes Are None of Your Business

In a New Year’s quest to declutter, my husband and I decided to sell our piano that had been sitting in our house collecting dust …

personal reading challenge

My 2020 Personal Reading Challenge: Six Great Books in Six Months

In a world of audiobooks, podcasts, online videos and information overload – it’s easy to get out of the habit of good old-fashioned reading. Reading …

The Power in a Personal Development Conference

I recently attended a personal development conference called Rise, created by Rachel Hollis (more info here). This excited me so much that I bought the …

Parenting a Tween Daughter: What She Needs Most

Parent of a Tween Girl! I’ve recently entered a new phase in mum-life. Becoming the parent of my very own tween daughter! Of course I’ve …

The Power of Yet: Making Space for a Growth Mindset

I don’t know how many times my yoga teacher told me that I just “had” to read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Many. …

special needs, support, special needs parenting, survival guide,

Telling Your Story Can Be a Survival Guide for Special Needs Parents

“One day you’ll tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide.” …

Mommy Guilt: If You Are Giving it to Yourself, Stop it

Before I was a mom, I knew that mommy guilt was a thing. I knew to be careful if I experienced this. One thing I …

Trying to figure out life.

You Reap What You Sow: How This Phrase Affected My Mindset.

There is an old proverb that mentions the idea of you reap what you sow. If you’ve ever heard this growing up, how did you …

Empowered women

Empowered Women Should Not Equal Disempowered Men

I would say that I got onto my own path of empowerment in my early 20’s. I was a single mom with my daughter for …