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Excuses are Overrated – You are the Solution to all Your Problems

Here’s the thing I am most frustrated about as of late. Excuses. Excuses are overrated. When we complain about everything on social media, posting the houses …

school-age parent

Three Pillars to Rebuild Confidence as a School-Age Parent

Admittedly, I’m lacking confidence as a parent at the end of this school year. Yes, school during a pandemic has been more than just confidence-shaking. …

Empower daughters

Empower Your Daughters: 7 Things I Learned The Hard Way

Everyone you will ever come in contact with knows something you don’t. You can learn from all of them, even if it’s only that they don’t belong in your life.

money journey

How Do Financial Experts and Vulnerability Fit in Your Money Journey?

Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Jonathan & Amanda Teixeira, Crystal Paine, Jessica Turner, Holly Reid Toodle, Chelsea Brennan. What do all these names have …

Redefining “Smart”: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence is learned and learnable by everyone; whereas intellectual intellect is not learnable. The daily practice of doing emotional labour is what develops emotional …

don't let guilt get the best of you

Guilt Trippin’: Reframing Our Guilt for the Greater Good

Recently, I was chatting with a friend of mine. School had been cancelled for consecutive days in a row, thanks to massive amounts of snow …


Afraid to Talk About Masturbation? 7 of Your Self Pleasure Questions Answered

Masturbation. Even the word itself conjures up discomfort for many women. The guilt, fear and anxiety that surround masturbation in our society is astounding. Of …

calming social media

Calming the Noise of Social Media

We are certainly living in the digital age and it is more important than ever tat we are calming the noise of social media. To …

giving limits

There is Beauty in Giving! But Do You Have Limits?

I write a lot about how the beauty of giving is a gift itself, literally and figuratively. What about boundaries or cut-off points to your …

Cinco de Mayo

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Cinco de Mayo! (“Fifth of May”) – the most widely celebrated Mexican holiday in the United States. Most people associate this day with tacos, tequila, …

Many passions

Are You a Multi-Passionate Opportunity Taker? 3 Things To Consider

What do you do? I uh, uh, I do, uh I do a lot… I have entered and left multiple career opportunities and I left …


Expectations Got in the Way of My Happiness: How to Let Go of Control

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How can expectations get in your way of happiness? You have to have expectations to achieve more. How do …

people pleasing, belonging, motherhood, mom

People Pleasing: Set Yourself Free From the Lies You Tell Yourself

It’s subtle, people pleasing. The lies women are telling are often so close to the truth, so subtle that they go unseen, but they never …

Collaborative Efforts

Self-Made…There’s No Such Thing! We’ve all Had Help Along the Way

There is no such thing as a self-made man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed …

Adult Autism

Spectacular Gifts of Autism I Learned From My Undiagnosed Friend

The most kind man drifted into my life during my mid 30’s. He was like no other. Tall, muscular, kind eyes, quiet and clean cut. …

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

One Year Into Quarantine: 3 Things I’ve Learned About Myself

I’ll start by saying this quarantine thing hasn’t been easy…at all. I have enjoyed some aspects of it and I’ve downright despised other parts. But …

woman with crypto

April is Financial Literacy Month – Let’s Learn About Crypto!

You may have noticed a new question come up this year when you sat down with your tax pro Did they ask you if you …

working mom

Give Voice to Maternal Exhaustion – A Story of Burnout, Betrayal and Fear

What does maternal exhaustion mean? Well, I knew that I needed to face this topic for the last six months. Instead of writing, maternal exhaustion …


Finding My Soul in the Garden: Digging for Healing and Health

Gardening has been the bane of my existence. I grew up in a very rural area of Iowa surrounded by acres and acres of corn …

getting help is hard; not getting help is harder

Getting Help is Hard; Not Getting Help is Harder

Mental health is a huge concern in our world today. Despite some advances, there is still a large stigma around mental health; especially around getting …

life lessons

Living Out Her Legacy: Five Life Lessons My Grandma Taught Me

I’m cuddled up under one of my grandma’s blankets. A Mendoza painting of hers is now hanging in my entryway, a statement piece I’d overlooked …

Facing the Fear of Change: Why ADHD Makes it More Difficult to Navigate

Facing my emotions has never been easy for me, but the fear of change I would have to say is one of the worst. I …

Money Mindset

Money Fears: Face Them and Rewrite Your Money Story

Feeling unsure about your finances? You’re not alone! According to Northwestern Mutual, 70% of Americans say their financial planning needs work. Together we can change …

answered prayers

Navigating My Husband’s Job Loss: God’s Way of Answering Prayers

We thought we were safe. Every day I would drive into our neighborhood and pray a thank you to God for this life he had …


Grief: A Delicate State of Being of the Mind and Heart

Hello there and greetings to all who read this article. I hope and pray that everyone is doing well. That is indeed my hope for …

Buried In Our Something and Running from Sobriety

We all have something and sometimes we are buried in our something, running from sobriety. Your something might be grief. It might be alcohol or …

sunrise and German breakfast

Pan Haus: A Delicious German Breakfast Legacy – Recipe Included

The sun’s bright beams flickered across my face. Savory fragrances wafted into the bedroom. My senses began to awaken. The aroma of garlic, onion, pork, …

IEP Meeting Prep

Tips for Preparing for Year End IEP Meetings

Attending annual IEP meetings can be difficult. With these tips for preparing for year end IEP meetings you will be ready to advocate for your …

Autism Awareness

World Autism Awareness Day: The Spectrum of Life

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.” Viviane Greene Today on April 2nd, …

profile of Cooper dog on leash

The Unexpected Sadness When Our Dog Died: 3 Things to Help your Kids with the Loss

Our dog died and I had no idea I’d feel so sad. I knew my kids would be sad to lose our pet, but I …

Navigating Change

My Thoughts on Navigating Change, Endings & New Beginnings

Change is inevitable and the only thing that is constant throughout our lives. The world is always shifting and changing, even when we are not …

Study well

4 Steps to Being a Successful Studier When You’re a Non-traditional Student

What is a non-traditional student? Basically, it means that you are over the age of 22 years old and did not go to college right …

overwhelmed mom

Hurry Up and Stop Growing: A Mom’s Clashing Feelings

Two of my husband’s children are acting like a**holes. Sure, they’re my kids too and right now I am shifting parental ownership to their father. …


Stop Calling Yourself a Recovering Perfectionist: Perfect Isn’t Always Bad

I used to say it all the time. “I am a recovering perfectionist.” What I really meant was more along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, …

school children at a table

A Letter to My Grade School Teacher: 5 Things I Wish You Had Known

I’ve been out of school for quite a while now. I’m considerably older than you must have been when I was in your class, but …

bless your body

Eat the Foods That Bless Your Body And Love Them: Recipes Included!

I Love Food! I am a foodie. Always have been, and always will be.  I try not to let food determine my day, but I have …

Trisomy 18

Trisomy 18 Awareness Day: Sharing My Family’s Journey

March 18 was selected as Trisomy 18 Awareness Day because it is the 18th day of the third month. I’m sure this is a day …


Why Are Daughters Critical of Mothers? Generational Feminism

A long time ago I told my girls, “I’m definitely not perfect so I am definitely going to screw up at being a mom sometimes! …

A Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves: An Unconventional Relationship

My first birthday after losing my mom, I asked my husband for a unique birthday present. A punching bag. There was so much emotion that …

brain injury

In Honor of My Beautifully Broken Brain: My TBI Journey

March is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Month. My TBI story begins on a perfectly beautiful, bluebird-sky day in early February 2013. While driving my son’s …

raise 'em up with respect and kindness

Raise ’em Up with Respect and Kindness

Something happened this year at school with my daughter that got me thinking about respect among women and girls. The simple concept of respect is …

living away from fear

Living Away from Fear, Not Into It: An Unexpected Lesson in Courage

Not long ago, we stuck a for sale sign in our front yard, packed up the contents of our home for the last seven years, …


Do I Complain Too Much? 7 Things That Can Help

As I listen to my internal and external dialogue, it strikes me that I hear a lot of complaining. Coming from me. I’m the one …

3 Ways to Own Your Story, Unmask the Past, and Take Back the Future

A Different Kind of Mask Recently I found a series on Netflix called Imposters. Essentially there is a crew of thieves that create lives to …

Self Care

How to Mentally and Physically Practice Self Care

The term “self care” has become quite the buzz word these days. Though it is not what most people think. I wanted to discuss how …

Where Have all my Adult Friendships Gone? How do I Make More Now?

Where have all my adult friendships gone? This is what I think when I’m cruising “social media” and I see pictures of the girl’s weekends …


You Can Heal From Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the symptoms that spark from it can feel defeating. Overwhelming. All consuming. Some days it takes everything out of you. …

Kindness: Make it Part of Your Legacy!

Perhaps the only legacy worth having is to have been known as a kind and compassionate person. -Unknown What exactly is kindness? A quick google …

body image

Body Image: How Birth Helped Me Heal After Abuse and a Lifetime at War with Myself and My Body

I was 20 when I lost my first pregnancy. I felt betrayed by my body, but at that point in my life, betrayal was all …