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That's a Deal Breaker

That’s a Deal Breaker! Why and How Friendships Fail

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the subject of friends. Everyone needs them. Friends enrich our lives, give us a sense of ...
gluten free salad

My Favorite Gluten Free Salad Recipes

Summer is a great time to enjoy a variety of salads. But unless you’re talking about a lettuce-based salad, it can be difficult to find ...

Resilience: 9 Steps on How to Recover Faster From a Set Back

Are you a person with a lot of resilience and find it easy to bounce back or do you struggle after a setback with getting ...

Staying in High Vibration: How to Have a Great Day and A Wonderful Week

Let’s take a trip into how to have a great day and a wonderful week. Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes, you wake up not feeling ...

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Business: 5 Love Actions to Take

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and sometimes you need to find ways to fall back in love with your business when you’ve lost your ...

5 Ways You are Stealing from Yourself and Others: The Practice of Asteya

We practice stealing from ourselves and others all the time. We steal from our futures, our growth, and our ability to take what we want ...
examine the big picture

Examine The Big Picture: Details or 30,000 Feet or Why Not Both

Have you sat in the window seat on a plane ride? That is my favorite seat. I love seeing the view from 30,000 feet. Sprawling ...
Your Perfect Road Trip

Your Perfect Road Trip – Tips and Tricks

Summertime is finally here, and with that, our thoughts turn to vacation and leisure time. One popular way to travel, especially in good weather, is ...
Forest bathing

Forest Bathing in the Desert: Being Present in Nature

We were in the desert, but the concept of forest bathing was not on our radar, let alone desert bathing. What life lessons would we ...

Manifest a Magical Life You Want!

We are all magical beings by nature and manifesting a magical life you want is possible for you. As a mama of three, author, a ...

How Do We Prosper all of Our Interests?

Prosperity can mean material wealth as well as non-material benefits. When all of my interests prosper, life is expansive, balanced, and satisfying. What does it ...
Trust yourself

Do You Trust Yourself? Learn How With These 10 Tips

My whole life was spent doubting myself in every way. I didn’t trust myself at all. I didn’t make any decisions without running them by ...

Tired of Having Boring Sex in Your Relationship? Try These 7 Things

I know. I know. As women, sex can be the last thing on our lists. It was for me for a long time. By the ...

What Are Your Three Faces? Are You Showing up as Your Truest Self?

The Japanese have a philosophy of three faces. It’s the idea that we are not the same person at all time. We show different parts ...

7 Tips That Help You Make Self Care a Priority

How often do you make self care a priority? If you are the average person, probably not very often. In this chaotic, high tech, fast ...
sharing your life story

Sharing Your Life Story With Your Kids: Tell It Like It Was!

As much as we may love being mothers, there is so much more to all of us. We all have a story to tell. And ...

Creating for Self-Care with DIY Plant Hanger Tutorial

Creating semi-mindless crafts is one of my favorite forms of self-care. Plant hangers, cheap craft store kits, or whatever sparks inspiration. In the same way, ...
invisible illness

7 Things People with an Invisible Illness Want You to Know

Having an invisible, chronic illness is difficult. Honestly, that’s putting it mildly. The truth is, it SUCKS. Being sick is hard enough, but when you ...

Narcissism: The Truth behind the Word

We are in an age when people are throwing around mental diagnoses like they’re candy in a parade. Narcissism has been a word batted around ...
meditation practice

How My Meditation Practice Is Impacting and Changing My Life

Before I begin my journey into meditation, I will provide a definition and science-based information. Oxford’s Dictionary defines meditation: as the practice of focusing your ...

Practicing Forgiveness: Let it Go for Your Sake

It happens all the time. Someone says or does something offensive and you’re left feeling hurt and angry. We have a natural tendency to fight ...

Decide to Decide: Explore Making No-Lose Decisions

In an early scene from the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy reaches a crossroads on the yellow brick road and is faced with a decision of ...

Are You Really Being Truthful? How to Show up In Satya

Being truthful is a fierce practice. Truth has the power to right wrongs. It demands integrity to life and to our own self. Being untruthful ...

Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Feel Inspired When Life Knocks You Down

Do you ever find yourself just strolling through your day-to-day life not feeling inspired in the slightest? You ask yourself how the heck did I ...
in progress

I Don’t Want to Write About Being A Work In Progress

Can you spot what’s wrong with my chandelier? Yep, it’s missing a lightbulb. Do you ever feel like you’re something gorgeous that’s just missing a lightbulb moment? ...

What Forgiveness Is Not: 8 Things You Should Know

Most people have an idea of what forgiveness is, but have you ever considered what forgiveness is not? Maybe it’s not what you think it ...
clean candles

The Importance of Clean Candles: How Your Health May be Affected

Most people are aware of the dangerous chemicals and toxins found in most household cleaning products, many makeup and skincare lines, personal health products, etc. ...

Creating Peace in Turbulent Times: 5 Tools for Finding Inner Peace

I’ve been feeling fragile and uneasy lately. With so much going on in the world, and in my personal life, it’s been a challenge to ...
Being Single

How To Enjoy Being Single Through The Years: My Journey From 25 to 52

“We ain’t never getting older” is a favorite song lyric quote from the Chainsmoker’s song Closer. I like it as it takes me back to ...

3 Reasons to Embrace the Power of “And”

“And” is a very small word that can wield a lot of power. Let’s embrace those three letters as a word of connection, inclusivity, and ...
living authentically

Living Authentically: Rising From The Ashes of Your Past

Because this is my first blog post with The We Spot, I wanted to introduce myself. But I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill intro. I ...

Practicing Ahimsa: Do you Show up for Yourself in Nonviolence?

Do you feel like you are someone who practices nonviolence? I think many of us would agree we don’t harm or murder so we are ...
white space

Encountering Fear and Opportunity in the White Space of Life

I’m transitioning from full-time real estate work as an individual practitioner to a “next chapter” real estate model. This involves having Realtor partners join me ...

In Praise of My Husband on Husband’s Day this April

In Praise of a Husband? I can hear what you’re thinking, this is a women’s blog! I know, I know, but I want to spotlight ...
You Belong

A Reminder to My Immigrant Parents – You Belong!

A few months ago, I was invited to a gala event for a local organization. I had the privilege of inviting my husband and mom, ...
Ho'oponopono Technique

My Insight into the Ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Technique

Insight into the Ho’oponopono Technique First, I’d like to tell you about the benefits of using the Ho’oponopono technique and how it started. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawai’ian ...

The Perfectionist Trap

Do you tend to evaluate your worth in terms of your performance or achievements? Beat yourself up whenever you make the smallest mistake? Find it ...
Turning 40

One Year Shy of 40: Is It All Down Hill From Here?

Celebrating my 39th year feels so ho hum. Is this a result of pandemic blues or is it really all downhill after 40? I polled ...

Dissolving Your Beliefs Around Your Own Creativity: Why It Matters

I heard the call of creativity early in life. My preferred creative mediums were Play-Doh, sheets and blankets to construct indoor forts, and producing plays ...
self love

Learning: Permission Granted to Love Yourself through Knowledge

When you pick up a book, seek out a podcast, choose a program, attend an event, typically you’re interested in learning, growth, inspiration, and maybe ...

What the Heck is Intuitive Eating Anyway?

What the Heck is Intuitive Eating Anyway? As an Intuitive Eating Counselor and Coach, I get this question a lot.     I’ve written a couple ...
Spring Intensions

Spring Intentions: Do What Makes You Twinkle

Winter completely kicked my ass. For whatever reason, once it’s dark, I’m done. The literal and figurative darkness of the season was exhausting. Even when ...
7 tips

7 Reasons Why I Procrastinate

I admit it, I’m prone to procrastination so with a little soul searching I came up with seven reasons why I procrastinate. If you’re a ...
Human Design

Honoring Your Path Through Human Design

There was a time in which I felt really lost. When I didn’t know which direction to turn. When I wasn’t sure which way was ...

The Two Secrets to Satisfying Self-Care

I Drove to the Store with My Heart Breaking… because I didn’t know what else to do. I’d learned in my support group for spouses ...

Pie Oh My! It’s British Pie Week! Don’t you Just Love Pie and these Recipes?

Oh, man! I am so excited to find out that the week of March 7th is “British Pie Week.” I’m not sure why I think ...
be the change

Be the Change!

In a world where we see many injustices, inequities, and despair. A world that at times feels heavy, out of control, and out of hand. ...
a survival guide for empaths

A Survival Guide for Empaths: 7 Practices to Protect Yourself

Are you an empath? Do you struggle with flying emotions and negative energy? Feelings and emotions are intense and everywhere, that is why I am ...
Looking in and finding out

Looking In and Finding Out: Unraveling Who You Are at Your Core

Let me as you a question. But before I do, prepare yourself to give an honest answer. Not one you “think” you should say. But ...

Choosing Gratitude in My Least Favorite Season

It was cold, and I found myself complaining about it roughly every 15 minutes or so. My husband was getting tired of listening to my ...