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Four Things The Mental Health System Has Taught Me

Four Things The Mental Health System Taught Me

I have been utilizing the mental health system since I was 10 years old. It was at that age that I was diagnosed with Major …

Hispanic Heritage Month - Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Hispanic Heritage Month – Mes de la Herencia Hispana

“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” Cesar Chavez According to the United States Census Bureau, the U.S. …

fall apples

My Favorite Gluten Free Apple Recipes for the Fall

Since having to go gluten free several years ago, I’ve spent some time (and trial and error) trying to make my favorite recipes gluten free. …

7 Tips to Set Healthy Boundaries with Our Relationships

“Being human is hard not because you’re doing it wrong, it’s hard because your doing it right.” Glennon Doyle, Untamed How can we set boundaries …

Best Business Practices to Keep Your Financial Records Straight for Your Side Hustle

You started a side gig, started making money, and now what do you do? I’m going to share some best practices on what to do …

parenting adult kids

Parenting Adult Kids is Hard: 4 Lessons I’ve Learned

It’s been two years since my twins moved into college dorms and began “adulting” as they describe it. These years of empty-nesting were supposed to …

Living in the Hard Moments When I Want to Eject

Navigating the loss of my dad a mere five years after the loss of my mom . . . there are no words. The strong …

When Are You Going To Have Kids? Sensitive Topic Most People Don’t Understand

We recently flew to Minnesota and being a family of four we had one row with the girls and me, then my husband across the …


It’s Preparedness Awareness Month! Where Do We Even Start?

Welcome to September! National Preparedness Awareness Month! I honestly didn’t know there was National Preparedness Month till around July when someone mentioned it on my …

Charity drive

How I Learned to Redefine Charity By Tithing Time and Talent

Charity is defined by giving money to an organization that helps those in need. And it’s true, money does help. Our amazing network of nonprofits …

My baby all grown up

Seeing Double: From My Baby Girl to Adult. 11 Things I Want You to Know.

“When we look at our big kids, we still see our babies, too. This double vision is one of the most profound privileges of parenthood. …

Bad attitude

Maybe It Is You: 5 Strategies to an Attitude Adjustment

It is no secret attitudes are powerful influencers and an attitude adjustment can dramatically change your experience. I have first hand knowledge of this and …

Hate Cleaning? Find Relief in the Art of Slow Homemaking

Slow homemaking isn’t being lazy. It’s having the power to realize that you determine what needs to be done. The power to make your own …

Plans Change, Focus on the Vision, and Keep Going!

I love it when a plan comes together… But let’s be realistic, things rarely go to plan. Plans change. Being a highly creative and “attention-faceted” …

Community Service: How It Helped Me Develop My Leadership Skills

The year was 20-ought something. I would tell you it was the fault of my red, 1991 Chevy Beretta. That car kept me in trouble! …

The Five Love Languages through Zucchini

The summer light is fading, the morning is starting to have creamy crispness to it, and our gardens are full of zucchini. This zucchini squash …

Feeling Angry All the Time? 7 Reasons Why and What You Can Do

“Anger is often a secondary emotion.” Azevedo Hanks Are you feeling irritable, short-tempered or grouchy? Maybe you snap (or want to) at everyone around you. …

10 Things My Toddler Has Taught Me About Life

I never expected to be sitting here writing this blog article. I knew being a mom would push and mold me but I did not …


Kindergarten Is Calling: The Bittersweet Blessing of Letting Go

I’ve been counting down the years, watching them turn into months. Always keeping my eye on the proverbial clock that’s been ticking away since she …

Tips How NOT to Pass Your New School Year Anxiety onto Your Kids

Were you one of those kids that couldn’t wait to get the school supply list? Run to the store and gather all those clean crisp …

inspirational quotes for women

24 Favorite Inspirational Quotes for Women to Empower and Uplift

No matter what stage in life you are in, let these 24 inspirational quotes for women help you see and know your worth. Life can …

Overcome Family Guilt and Shame: 7 Ways to Stop Saying Sorry

Guilt says you made a mistake. Shames says you are the mistake. Guilt motivates. Shame annihilates. -Susie Garlick Do members of your family bring instant …

losing my religion

Losing My Religion: An Imperfect Journey to Finding My Faith Again

If you’re anything like me, the title of this article may have scared you away. Losing religion? Finding faith? Yikes. Religion can be a touchy …

How to Raise Chickens – Simply, and In Your Back Yard!

This spring, we got our first set of baby chicks from a local store. These are the first that we were raising ourselves, not with …

Looking Back: A Letter To Share Some Mama Wisdom

Dear Mama, You are in such an intense season of your life with these precious babies. Diapers, sleepless nights, napless days, every bodily fluid imaginable. …

Empty nest

Nine Things to Do When You Have an Empty-Nest

The day that all older women told me about arrived recently…my fourth and last baby has graduated from high school and will quickly be out …

5 Fun and Simple Road Trip Games to Play with Your Kids

With summer comes lots of travel for some, and often by car. I am sharing with you today 5 fun and simple road trip games …

Embracing the Fullness of Our Names

Embracing the Fullness of Our Names – Unapologetically!

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” Emma …

I’m not Super Woman, I’m Anxious. – Why I do all the Things all the Time.

I often have people tell me, “You are superwoman. I don’t know how you do it all.” The reality is, I am not superwoman, I’m anxious. …


The Healing Process Can Be Messy: 3 Ways to Embrace It

Any type of mess makes me anxious. If my house is messy-even if I do not have the energy to do anything about it-it gives …

low maintenance friends

Where My Girls At? Cheers to the Low Maintenance Friends

This Is A Shout-Out to the Low Maintenance Friend. She’s been on my heart lately and I just wanted to take a minute to tell …

Induction birth

Induction Birth Story — 5 Focuses To Turn Trauma Into Triumph

A year ago I went to my 40-week prenatal appointment alone, masked following pandemic protocols, but looking forward to the ultrasound to get to see …

home renovation

Living Through A Home Renovation: 7 Things to Know

In the 14 years I’ve known my husband, we have spent more time living through a home renovation than living in a completed home. When …

apologize sorry not sorry

Sorry Not Sorry: 13 Things I Will No Longer Apologize For

I spent a large chunk of my life apologizing. I have been sorry for everything. You ran into ME? Somehow it must be my fault. …

summer bucket list

Have a Successful Summer With Your Kids With a Bucket List That Actually Works

Summer is here and while it’s fun to make a bucket list of activities- most families get to the end of summer and forget it. …

letter to my dad

Healing Childhood Wounds with a Letter to My Dad

Healing is in layers, healing is time. Healing is excruciating. Once you think it’s done, it’s not. Mary Demuth Father, dad, daddy, those names can …


Suicide Interrupted; Finding Hope in the Pain

Please be aware that this article discusses suicide, rape, and abuse. If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention …

Life-Long Lessons From Camping and Our Three Month Trek (Recipes Included)

When I was young, my mother would take us camping just for a quick overnight in the mountains that surrounded my childhood home. She would …

5 Ideas to Keep Your Teen Active This Summer

Can you believe we are thinking about summer activities already? This summer more than ever it is important to plan some outdoor activities for your …

Set up for Success: 4 Keys to Kickstart Your Business Finances

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been invested in your business for some time, we’re going to review a few key items to …

Friendships and friends featured image of

Friends and Friendships…Healthy or Toxic? How Do You View Yours?

How do we view our friends and are our friendships? Healthy or toxic? Have you found yourself arguing with your friends after they’ve disagreed with …


Unbecoming: The Journey of Unraveling the Weight of Perfection

I stand looking in the mirror. I am unmasked and starting the journey of unbecoming. It starts again though. I hear her breathing and speaking …


What is Gaslighting? How Do I Protect Myself From This Abuse?

Someone steps on my foot and I yell “ouch.” The usual response from an empathetic person is, “I’m so sorry I stepped on your foot. …

peaceful parenting, stop yelling at your kids, positive parenting, mom guilt, mom shame

Stop Yelling at Your Kids: 5 Ways to Find Your Cool

A big struggle moms come to me with, as a mom mentor, is how to stop yelling at their kids. My answers and help always …

bird in springtime

Spring: Moving From A Long, Dark Winter to Restored Hope

Awakened by tweeting and the singing of birds outside my window, my heart did a flip and my spirit soared. What a welcomed sound! It …