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My Dear Child Thank You. You Made Me Human.

As long as I can remember I had always heard the stories you will never be the same after becoming a mother. I would always …

Identity: The Journey of Discovering Who I am

I started gymnastics at the age of three and it became my life. My identity over the next seventeen years. Bringing me recognition, awards and …

When Your Best Friend Has 4 Legs: The Ruff Truth Of Being An Animal Lover

Being an animal lover is something that has always been a part of me.  I remember being in 7th or 8th grade and was convinced …

Coffee, Love, and Other Things Important in My Life

My Coffee Pot died today…. well, kind of.  It ALMOST died today…it was a tragedy for about 10 minutes.  Don’t worry…I already had a new …

Opening up to Pain and Not Showing up With a Smile on Our Face.

“Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, …

Which Comes First: Self-Acceptance or Personal Growth?

TRUE OR FALSE? You can’t accept yourself and desire personal growth at the same time. Go ahead and think on that for a second. I’ll wait.

Mind Games: The Subtle Art of Telling Yourself to Get Lost

How often do you find yourself in a dialogue…..with yourself? Daily? Weekly? If you are anything like me, this dialogue happens so often throughout the …

Growing Up Together: Part 1 – Setting The Scene & Being Honest

If you’ve arrived here in this sacred space you are probably like me; a fellow change-maker, peace-creator and sprinkler of love on our planet. I …

Eat the Cookie! How We Self-Sabotage in our Efforts to Better Ourselves

So, there I was sitting there on my couch, staring at the half empty package of Double Stuff Oreos, and thinking (not for the first …

What if the End of Something You Held Dear is Actually a Gift

This is a story of a journey~~a journey that took me to inward & outward places I had always wanted to go. Both of those …

Our Mind is the Enemy: Control Thoughts Before They Become Actions

*Disclaimer- Experiencing depression and anxiety are incredibly real and frustrating situations.  If you find that you cannot pull yourself out of dark thoughts, you need …

What to Do When Your Friend’s Birth Doesn’t Go as Planned

Most of us are not prepared when we get the news – a friend or family member has had a baby, and there have been …

Stick to Your Goals: 4 Steps to Help you Follow Through

Do you ever feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the New Year’s resolutions and goals talk? Wonder how to get started? These thoughts led me to …

Come and Take a Seat: There is Room for YOU at Our Table

Today is the launch of The We Spot blog. Let me tell you, this has been a LONG time coming. It’s absolutely amazing to see …

Skating My Way to Self-Love: Finding Self-Love in Uncomfortable Places

I’ve been formulating an article in my head about self-love and was planning to give you a lovely little list of fairly expected things you …

5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self: Rising in Corporate America and Life.

Listen up, ladies! No matter what your age or what type of job you have, you should always have your eye on the prize. You …

TRUE LOVE is found in the vulnerable places.

Here we are…February.. .we’ve already reached the second month in our 2019. Traditionally, by the beginning of this month, in the supermarkets, on social media …

January has 70 days, it’s the longest month of the year.

By the title of this article, you are probably interested in what is actually going on in my head. You might say “Julie, do you …