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The Frustrating Side Of Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is super exciting and wonderful; we all love knowing there’s a four legged bundle of joy running around somewhere! Puppies truly can be the perfect addition to any family out there, and the more time you spend with your dog, the more amazing memories you’re going to make. 

However, there’s a frustrating side to bringing up a puppy as well. For example, they can take time to train, and even the most basic of commands can be misunderstood for months. But that’s not the only thing you should be aware of – the puppy phase can be just as frustrating as the terrible toddler twos! 

Some Breeds are Harder to Housebreak Than Others

Some breeds learn how to go to the toilet outside without much of an issue. Other breeds have a few accidents but ultimately it’s a fast process. And then there are the breeds that take forever to understand that inside and outside are not the same! If you happen to have brought home one of these breeds, the next 6 to 8 months may be incredibly frustrating for you. But don’t give up! Get into a routine and keep encouraging your puppy with praise, love, and always use the same command word. 

They Can Bring Pests Indoors

Dogs can pick up all kinds of bugs in their fur. It’s not just fleas and ticks you need to look out for, although you should definitely make regular checks for these. You should also keep an eye out for random bug assortments, such as spiders, pill bugs, and even ants. Indeed, if you don’t watch where your puppy is playing, you may need to call in ant exterminator services at some point! A nest may build up without you even realizing it. 

Puppies Like to Chew – and They Like to Chew a Lot!

Destructive behaviors are common in puppies. They haven’t learnt right from wrong yet, meaning they don’t know what’s OK to chew and what isn’t. 

Always keep shoes out of reach, make sure they can’t pull paper/tissues off the coffee table, and keep them distracted with a treat or toy. Redirection is the name of the game, even if you have to get off the sofa around 100 times before they get the message! 

It Can Take a While for the Bedtime Routine to Stick

Some puppies whine and cry all night, begging you to let them in the bed with you. If you don’t want to teach them to share the bed, don’t give in, even if it breaks your heart. Try crate training instead. 

Some people recommend crate training simply for the nighttime safety it provides. If your dog knows that going in the crate means being safe and calm, not only will they use it when they want a bit of peace, but they’re far more likely to sleep in there as well. 

New puppies are lovely, but they can be little monsters as well!

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