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How To Encourage Cleanliness In Business

Cleanliness is something that’s more important than ever before. Why? Well with COVID-19 and the pandemic that rocked the world, how clean your business is, will determine how healthy employees are and the wider impressions set by customers or clients who come into your building.

From restaurants to retail, here are some useful tips to help encourage cleanliness in business for 2024.

Set expectations from staff

Firstly, the most important people you should be encouraging cleanliness from is your staff. Staff should really be treating the workplace like a home or in some cases, like they’re staying at someone else’s home. This is because not everyone keeps their own home clean at all times.

Expectations are good to set because it keeps people accountable for their own cleanliness. Make sure you’re encouraging staff to take initiative themselves by keeping their workstations clean and free of clutter.

Not only is this good for cleanliness but it’s going to lower the risk of accidents occuring in the workplace. If the workplace is messy, you’re going to find problems occur as a result. 

Create a vigorous cleaning schedule

A vigorous cleaning schedule is very important to keeping on top of the dirt and mess that can accrue in the workplace. With a restaurant, for example, there are many areas of business that can be in need of a clean. From the kitchen to the dining tables and communal toilets. Make sure that you’ve got a good cleaning schedule in place.

Creating a vigorous cleaning schedule is going to ensure that all surfaces remain clean and that you’re less likely to spread germs as a result. While we’ve seen the back of COVID-19 for some time now, it’s still present in our society, and reducing the risk of spikes in COVID-19 cases is essential. 

Lead by example

If you’re not leading by example, then you’ve got very little chance of other staff members being told what they should be doing. For those in positions of authority and those making the rules surrounding cleanliness in the workplace, it’s important for your staff to see that you too are making the effort.

Make sure you’re leading by example and doing your bit to keep the work environment as clean as possible. By doing so, you’re going to see better performance in your workforce’s cleanliness in general. So make sure you lead by example every time!

Operate regular communication

Regular communication is something that you should be considerate about when it comes to keeping cleanliness at the forefront of all your company’s minds.

With regular communication, you can help your building ops team with the information they need to know when things need cleaning and when there might be risks in the building where clutter has built up and needs removal.

By operating regular communications with platforms and online tools, you can take control of the building’s cleanliness, despite how small or big the building might be. 

Provide incentives

Incentives are always a great way of encouraging cleanliness in the business. Of course, in general, by offering rewards and incentives in the workplace, you’re going to see a lot more positive results.

What could you offer your staff members in return for their efforts on cleanliness? Perhaps it could be shopping vouchers for those who go above and beyond in their cleanliness on a monthly basis. Perhaps an employee of the month would be helpful to reward individuals who do everything possible to keep their own space and other spaces clean.

Incentives are worthwhile to offer and they don’t need to be at a huge expense to the company.

Ramp up cleaning services where needed

If you are struggling with the cleaning internally within your teams, then it might be worth seeking professional services to help take on the extra load. Restaurant cleaning professionals are great for tackling the excess dirt and debris that your venue has at the end of a busy day.

For those staff members who can’t do anything more than what they’re already doing, bringing cleaners in will be a helpful addition that lightens the load for your other staff members. Try to ramp up your cleaning services because first impressions count when you have new customers walking through the door.

Encouraging cleanliness is important in business. It’s not just your building that needs looking after but your staff and other guests coming in and out of the office. Make sure you’re taking these tips on board to encourage cleanliness in the business this year and beyond.

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