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Discover Your Piece to Create Peace in your Home.

Finding the pieces to create a peaceful spot in your home for you to rest and recover.

I’m a sucker for all things that make me feel organized or peaceful. Whether it’s a planner, new notebook, pens, candles, inspirational quotes on trendy décor… And judging by Target’s never ending new themes of these products, I don’t think I’m the only one. 😊 My husband makes fun of me because in the amount of time I spend in the aisles debating buying one damn candle, I could have earned the money to pay for it.

I’m also a mom living in a house completely over taken by small children. No matter how much I organize a room, it becomes a terrible tornado of toys the moment I look away. Socks in between our bed sheets, action figures in the shower, the scratch paper in my office becomes their latest artwork.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually do love these little reminders of our “little ankle biters”; as my husband affectionately calls them, and the trail of destruction they leave throughout our home. It reminds me of their happiness and that I have what I always wanted when I was growing up, a happy family. However, there comes a moment when Mama needs some sanity and just be reminded that there is still some of her somewhere in the organized chaos.

Intentional Thinking

In the last month, I realized I was reacting much more than being intentional with my day. I believe in starting your day with a workout, meditation, bible time, and a warm cup of coffee. Before we had kids; which was the last and only time I’ve ever been a perfect mom, that was possible. But with each kiddo it became increasingly difficult to find an hour to myself each day. Not only that, I realized that I was creating an environment in which I was longing for that hour for myself and doing everything I could to “get through” my day until I could have that moment alone. I wanted to enjoy all of my day and one way I’ve found that helps me do just that is creating peaceful spots throughout my home. The rest of the home may have toys, clothes and things to do all throughout, but this small spot is a completely safe space to be creative, enjoy the things I love and take a breath.

When I’m setting up a spot, I consider my five senses.

Touch– A comfy chair, a spot warmed by the sun coming through the window, freshly washed sheets.

Smell– This one is important to me. I’ve always loved candles, waxes and diffusing essential oils because I chose ones that remind me of something special. A candle that smells like a beach to remind me of the last trip my hubby and I took together to celebrate our 10 year.  The Christmas essential oil mix one of my dear friends gave me that is fresh and joyful. A bonfire in the backyard which reminds me of when hubby used to get off from his fire shift and he had clearly been putting out a fire or training. Its not just the things but who they remind me of.

Taste- A warm cup of coffee, a icy glass or water, or the taste of wine after a long day.

Hearing- Favorite music, white noise, having the window open and listening to nature, the kids playing in the background (nicely hopefully.)

Sight- Fresh flowers, motivational quotes, your vision board.

Ultimately, I’m trying to work towards minimalism and not need things, but today, at this season of my life, why shouldn’t there be a few things that bring me peace? To remind me of things I love and how easy it is to enjoy them.

Amy Tallent

Amy Tallent has 4 key areas of life- faith, family, business and community. Amy and her husband Jesse built The Tallent Company because they believed in creating a life they loved that gave them creativity, the opportunity to use their skills and the ability to be there for their children. They have three amazing kiddos- Jackson, Sawyer and Josephine and they enjoy life together as much as they can, especially in camping season. Amy is also a Council Woman in the Town of Johnstown and has a passion for building community.

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