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Dreaming and Planning Gets You Nowhere Without The Doing Part

The Dreaming Part

I was taught to bake as a young girl. I regularly practiced and soon knew the ins and outs of making about any kind of baked goods. Today if you take a peek at my Pinterest boards you’ll find amazingly delicious recipes by the score! If you take a peek in my kitchen, there will be a perfectly well running, glass top stove and a black mixer on the counter top beside it. Peek a little bit farther in the cupboards and you’ll find they are well stocked with ingredients of every kind and brand. But if you look in my refrigerator, you’ll be sadly disappointed to find nothing closely resembling those pictures. Nothing sweet and yummy.

Dreaming of the End Results

Why? I have the how-to. I have the perfect recipes. And I even have the stove and mixer and cupboards stocked with ingredients. But where are the treats? The doing part is missing. Actually it’s just one small part. My part! The “let’s do this” part!

No matter how much I wish and drool, nothing will happen until I do! I must gather the items. Mix ingredients and put it into the waiting oven. Then will I be able to set the wonderful smelling cake on the center of my table. Cut the generous slice and truly enjoy that picture on my Pinterest board.

The First Steps

The Planning

What about our life? Have we been told what to do? How to thrive? Have we been given all the teaching we need to step out and grow and give. Do we have all the talent needed for our calling? And yet why isn’t it happening? Why are we packing our schedules full of working towards someone else’s dream?

Why aren’t we doing?

We have plenty of excuses. And come up with a few fake ones too. We think we don’t have time. Or maybe we trick ourselves into believing we don’t know how. Sometimes we allow our vision to be clouded to the talents we have. And the list goes on. And we never say “let’s do this” with intention.

Putting All The Pieces Together

The Doing

But what if we just did?

Just stepped out and made time. Dusted off our talents and went to get advice on planning. Even if our hands shook, still signed the agreement. What if? What would our lives look like? How would we feel inside? What would we accomplish? Who would we help? We each have dreams and goal that too often get buried. And today I want to link arms with my friends and say ‘let’s do this!’

Susan, if you want to start a bakery then start baking. Right now. Start trying out recipes and figuring out costs. After the children are in bed tonight start researching what tips and advice others have to offer online.Karen, if you want to be an artist. Make a trip to Walmart tonight. Get a few supplies and start. Message your artistic hero and ask for their top tips. No one needs to see your beginning canvases. But start practicing now. Lucy, if that trip to Paris just won’t leave your mind. Start researching on your lunch break. Plan your dream itinerary. Be at the bank bright and early this coming Saturday morning to start your Paris Vacation account.

The Dream Comes Alive

Just Do It!

Something we seem to forget is that the little things matter. That it’s the small steps we take that get us to those dreams! Yes, small is important! So let’s get started today. In the next hour let’s do one small thing that will get us one step forward! Let’s do the doing part! Today! Right now!! DO!!!

Lynette Conley

Lynette is a Southern belle transplanted to central Pennsylvania. She lives with her little gentleman who is an avid Lego-lover and her little princess who loves to read and draw. She loves designing and has put that passion to work by creating her own children’s clothing line. After finding the courage to leave a failing marriage she realized that there were so many other women who needed to find their own courage. As she shared her heart and the new things she was learning about bravery, she felt drawn to reach a helping hand to those coming behind her. That launched an opportunity to touch many more lives through writing and mentoring. She's excited to grow and learn in this We Community and hopes that her writing will encourage all who read!

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