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Footprints Outlined in Wisdom: A Poem for the Heart

Footprints Outlined in Wisdom: Poetry by Natasha Ross

Full Sun Full Moon,

Full Sky, Full Bloom,

looming at the end of summer.

Drawings of your love fill my heart.

courageously seeking your hand for a chance

in this hour an opportunity to feel your love abundantly

until it flows out from the top of my head

dripping from my fingertips and toes.

Leaving evidence of your presence

in the shadows of my footprints

outlined with your wisdom,

something better than gold.

What shall I hold before you in return

for all that you willingly taught me?

For more poetry by Natasha look for her poetry book, The Silent Movement of Love HERE or find more of her We Spot writings HERE.

Natasha Grant

Natasha Grant shares the joys and privilege of parenting three spectacular and creative children who are ages 20, 16, and 4 with an intelligent and loving man of 19 years. She is the daughter to a beautiful and resilient woman and was born and raised Wagoner, OK. She now lives in Tulsa, OK with her family. She is currently a stay at home mom, and home schools her two youngest children. Before she decided to home school her children, she enjoyed working in the health field for 14 years as a Certified Nurse’s Aide, Phlebotomist, and Home Health Aide. Her love for writing was found during college through her beloved English Composition courses. From that time forward, every thought on her mind and feeling in her heart concerning how to help someone feel better has come out in the form of poetry. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can by using the gift of speech and building others up to live a mentally wealthy life. This goal inspired her to create Loved and Needed, which are shirts and hoodies that display direct messages of love, support, and encouragement. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!

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