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From 30 to 40, a Decade of Transformation

For me, the time between 30 and 40 was truly a decade of transformation. Sometimes it can feel like we haven’t accomplished much. Usually, though, when we take time to reflect back, that turns out not to be true at all. And reflecting back on what we’ve really done can nurture feelings of gratitude and achievement.

At 30…

Ten years ago I was about to turn 30. I had one child (my son) who was a year-and-a-half old. I was working full-time as a teacher and I really didn’t know myself very well at all. Ten years later, I’m turning 40 and so much about my life has changed. Sure, some of the big things are the same. I’m married to the same wonderful man, we live in the same house, and we still have the same (13-year-old) dog. But many things are different and I’ve experienced more personal growth and transformation than I ever imagined for myself. When I think back to 30-year old me, she had no idea what was in store for her over the next ten years.

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So much change…

When I was 31 I had my first daughter, my second child. Her birth was the beginning of my transformation and my discovery of self-care. If you’d like to read more about that and my self-care journey, I wrote about it in more detail in this blog from 2019. 

At 32 I made a huge decision and left my career as a teacher to stay home with my two kids. After all of the time and money I’d spent on my education, I never expected to do that. I surprised myself when I found the courage to make a change that was true to my heart.

When I was 34 I had my third baby. I knew that I wanted three children. I was not prepared for what she brought to our family. The chaos of having a third child was not what I had expected at all. She completed our family and taught me how impatient I tend to be. My youngest daughter gave me the gift of getting to know myself even better and the desire to even further strengthen my self-care practice.

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The next year I did something I really never expected myself to do: I became an entrepreneur. I partnered with a skincare company which was something I knew absolutely nothing about! By then, though, I was starting to feel more comfortable making big life decisions and changes, because I’d already done it a few times recently. And, if that weren’t enough, I made a bunch more of them really quickly and close together. In 2016, I decided to become a life coach, I got certified, and started a second business on top of the first one I already had. I mean, if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, why not be one twice over in less than a year’s time, right? Ha! That was certainly a lot for me to take on, on top of having three young children at home with me.

Along with growing my two businesses, I began to explore my spirituality. I became more and more passionate about self-care, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Developing myself both personally and professionally has been a big theme for me over the past ten years.

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I’ve done a lot of work in therapy, both alone and with my husband. And, I’ve also worked with several coaches, too. I’ve been a sponge, learning as much as I can while taking care of myself emotionally and mentally, too.

At the beginning of 2019, I got a more advanced life coaching certification and took a position training and certifying new coaches at the school where I received my certification four years ago, Life Purpose Institute. And if that weren’t enough, most recently I became a Reiki practitioner and began working toward a certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor.

All this is to say that I’ve done a lot over the past ten years! When I read through it all, I can barely believe the transformation.

And now, at 40…

Here I am, 40 years old, in a marriage of almost 17 years, with three kids. I’m an Associate Certified Coach, a Reiki Practitioner, a soon-to-be Intuitive Eating Counselor, and I train new life coaches. Those are all labels and titles I identify with. But, more importantly, I also know who I am on the inside, too. That’s not something I can articulate but it’s a knowing I have now that I didn’t have ten years ago. I honestly can’t believe where I am today. Ten years ago I had never even heard of half the things I’m doing now. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. Today, I know I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing. I’m so full of gratitude for my life and all of the opportunities that have come to me over the past ten years.


I encourage you to try this exercise, too, of looking back at your life over the last decade. Who were you ten years ago? What have you done and experienced since then? Have you experienced transformation? Who are you now? Is it illuminating and gratifying? If it’s not, what is one thing you can start with to help you feel gratified by the next ten years? Just start with one thing. Who knows where it will lead…

Right now, I sit here in gratitude and in wonder about where the next ten years will take me. I wonder where I will take myself. And, for now, I am happy and content to be here, in this moment, right where I am. I am transformed. I am 40.

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Juliette Perlmutter

Juliette Perlmutter is an Empowerment Coach for Life, Business, and Relationships. She is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and a Reiki Practitioner. Juliette is passionate about helping her clients in a variety of areas. She can help you create a life of joy and fulfillment, reduce stress and overwhelm, enhance your relationships, discover more peace and calm, make peace with food and your body, move into the next chapter of your life smoothly and easily, or discover a new life or business of your dreams.

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  1. Linda Parker

    You are an extraordinary woman Juliette. I love the ways you got to know yourself inside and out. Quite an accomplishment! You were always this go -getting person, you just have been able to hone in on very worthwhile skill sets! Bravo!

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