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Don’t Give Up On Your Purpose in Life: Endure To The End

Have you ever felt like you just want to completely give up and back away from your purpose in life? You have? Me too. Lately, I have felt like it more than usual, especially with what’s all going on in the world. There are so many things that affect us all so deeply, leaving hurt, pain, and confusion.

Keep going

Don't give up on your purpose in life.

Why do people tend to want to give up? People want to give up on their purpose in life because whatever they are trying their best at, is hard. And the most common thing among us all that someone is trying their best at is life. Life itself is very hard. We have internal struggles and external struggles that can make trying to live life difficult. People are dealing with self-doubt, self-hatred, and hatred from other people because of the color of one’s skin. The native tongue of an individual can be criticized, how you dress, your spirituality, and everything else in between.

Coping with our own internal struggles is enough to make giving up seem easiest to just let our hands dropdown. When life’s anxieties overcome me and I want to give up on my purpose in life, I turn inward. Turning inward helps me to remember some encouraging words from the bible, “Do not let your hands drop down.”

Why Turn Inward?

Why turn inward to keep from giving up? Turning inward allows me to stop, reset, and then focus. Turning inward helps me to bring my thoughts back into alignment with who I know I am. Focus on your purpose in life and endure to the end of its fruition. Yes, life is hard, but we, as humans, cannot give up on ourselves or our purpose, so keep going. Do your best to move forward, remember that just because someone else’s fruit is showing doesn’t mean yours isn’t growing. Everyone has something beneficial that another person needs for their well-being. Trust the process of development and growth and you will win. Going inward, we can meet those hard moments in life with renewed thoughts and restored motivation.

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Natasha Grant

Natasha Grant shares the joys and privilege of parenting three spectacular and creative children who are ages 20, 16, and 4 with an intelligent and loving man of 19 years. She is the daughter to a beautiful and resilient woman and was born and raised Wagoner, OK. She now lives in Tulsa, OK with her family. She is currently a stay at home mom, and home schools her two youngest children. Before she decided to home school her children, she enjoyed working in the health field for 14 years as a Certified Nurse’s Aide, Phlebotomist, and Home Health Aide. Her love for writing was found during college through her beloved English Composition courses. From that time forward, every thought on her mind and feeling in her heart concerning how to help someone feel better has come out in the form of poetry. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can by using the gift of speech and building others up to live a mentally wealthy life. This goal inspired her to create Loved and Needed, which are shirts and hoodies that display direct messages of love, support, and encouragement. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!

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