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The Grounding Effect of the Library

It’s a badly held secret that I am absolutely infatuated with libraries…public, personal, or fictitious. Where there is a gathering of books and information is where I would like to plant my well-worn comfy chair and linger.

The effects of this year’s upheaval has caused many public libraries to close their doors. Others have very strict rules for all of our safety and health, yet my heart says that libraries are important for the stability and grounding that it provides for our community.

The dirt on grounding

Grounding is a practice that can help you pull away from unwanted negative and challenging feelings. Generally the term reflects the ability to refocus our distractions of the everyday hustle to our present moment and our core beliefs. By re-establishing our focus we are able to feel calmer and feel more in control of our current circumstances. As a side note, Dr. Timothy Legg lists 30 more ways to ground here:

Personally, I need to ground a lot. In short, my brain default mode is to daydream or not even acknowledge a situation is occurring. As a serial optimist, the more bleak situations get, the more inappropriately upbeat. Grounding through yoga helps me to address hairy circumstances with the appropriate attention it needs. For more information, Stephanie Eddleman wrote a beautiful blog post about controlling our compulsive thinking here:

The library’s role in our community

As a generally anxious society that has been thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty, the public library has become an even more vital part of our community. Through providing us with vital services that aid us, we can regain control of ourselves

Fact checks

Access to un-slanted information is free for the taking. Wi-fi and computer use is free as well as well-informed librarians. Overall, librarians know how and where to get the vital information we need or want.

Economic recovery

Library business centers can help patrons look and apply for jobs as well as aid in developing new businesses. In addition, you can search databases for grants and scholarships in most libraries.

Parenting/schooling help

The children/teen librarians are truly amazing people. Amazingly you can tune into an online story-time or go in to find some help with schooling. In a similar fashion, the teen areas usually provide activities for the older kids such as online games, book clubs or homework help.


For free entertainment, look on your local libraries website to see all the different streaming systems or downloadables that they offer. For the old school type, you can even check out DVDs or audiobooks.


Generally I like to think of the library as a hug to the community. Undoubtedly, you don’t have to accept it but it’s there for the enjoying. Our community libraries are open to all people and have a wide, encompassing realm of services that can still be offered to help you re-establish solid footing in your life. Moreover don’t forget the miles of glorious books.

Ground yourself

In conclusion, Sidney Sheldon, a famous American writer and producer, once said, “Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.”

Grounding ourselves with good options and assistance that the public library is able to give can provide the little boost that our community needs. Namely it’s a stabilizing presence in our lives that helps us stay grounded through tumultuous situations locally or nationally. As Laura Bush, librarian and former First Lady, said, “I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.”

Dawn Miller

Dawn is a small-town farm girl who married her mountain man after college. She's a mom of 4 amazing kids and 3 beautiful fur-babies. Having her degree in psychology and English, she pursued social work after college but soon became a SAHM and homeschool teacher. Now that her kids are all older and in high school or college, she has started over with a career in yoga and Christian meditation through Everyday Dawn Yoga. Beyond her family, she loves coffee, dark chocolate, running trails, Jesus, and laughing hysterically until she pees.

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