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Healing energies, the link between a hot stone massage and Hawaii

I recently discovered why I receive such amazing & similar healing energies from both a hot stone massage and from being on the island of Hawaii. How, you might ask, would those two seemingly very different things give the same healing energies? My journey to this awareness started after a hot stone massage & then continued during a visit to Hawaii.

The beginning~~learning about Basalt stones

I have loved getting massages for years and for many reasons. I love that they help me to relax and they ease any tension I am feeling. They also help relieve whatever physical pain I am experiencing. I especially love getting a Hot Stone Massage.There is something so soothing about feeling the heat from the smooth black Basalt stones working together with the very skillful hands of my masseuse. In fact, I found the stones so soothing that I ordered some to have at home to heat & put under my neck while laying down. I love how the heat & the stones work together giving their healing energies to ease my neck pain.

I am a healing energy practitioner (learn more about me). And since I have a passion for doing gemstone healing layouts, I became curious about the characteristics of Basalt stones. So I began to explore just what their healing properties are. That exploration led me to an interesting realization. The healing energies I feel in a hot stone massage and those I feel when I visit the island of Hawaii come from the same source~~the same rocks/stones.

Basalt stones come from the earth’s core. When a volcano erupts, the molten rock that is released is lava. That lava then cools and form igneous rock. If those rocks are then taken & smoothed by human intervention, they become Basalt stones. Both raw lava rock & Basalt stones hold the same powerful healing properties.

The healing properties of Basalt stones & lava rocks

Since these rocks/stones come from deep within the earth, their healing energies will help you with grounding and connection. And because they are formed from the energy of fire, they also help “fire” your passions in life. They can help to raise your energy levels to create what your soul desires, as well as aiding you in recreating or reinventing yourself.

Healing energies help to clear away blockages you might be experiencing in your body & energy field. Everyone has energy centers in their body called chakras. Your energy should flow freely through each chakra. Once it does you to feel balanced and healthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. When there are blockages at any of the chakras you are out of balance and experience dis-ease. If you’d like to learn more about chakras, you can go to my website and/or read this article.

Healing energies for your Root & Sacral Chakras

The grounding properties of these rocks/stones will support your Root Chakra (your first Chakra). Your Root Chakra deals with the energies of survival, stability and being grounded. It also has to do with the energies of safety and security. Using these stones can help to clear blockages in your Root Chakra. This can assist you through periods of upheaval or through major life changes. The healing properties of these stones/rocks can also bring a sense of peace & calmness.

The “fire” properties of these rocks/stones will also assist your Sacral Chakra (your second chakra). This chakra is all about emotions, relationships, creativity and sexuality. The healing energies of these stones/rocks can help clear negativity that is blocking the energy of your Sacral Chakra. This will then support you in your ability to enjoy life. The use of these stones stones will also assist you in feeling open enough to recreate yourself. It will also assist you in discovering & following your passions. They will help promote your ability to enjoy life as well.

Lava rock on Hawaii gives an abundance of healing energies

Shortly after I researched the healing properties of Basalt stones, I went on a previously planned trip to the island of Hawaii. If you have never been there before, when your flight lands you might wonder why on earth you came there! Because all you see at first for miles are fields of black lava rocks. But have faith, for once you get near the water, condominiums and resorts, the beauty is stunning. The landscaping of each of these incorporates the black lava rocks within it. But there is also the pristine blue color of the ocean & the lush beauty of the landscaping. It is truly breathtaking.

I have always loved going to Hawaii and have always felt better there~~physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I just assumed it was because of the sunshine, the warmth and the humidity. It wasn’t until I researched the healing energies of the Basalt stones that I realized the lava rocks of the island played a big part in how wonderful I felt there. The miles of fields of lava rocks on the island and the lava rock in the landscaping around our condominium work together to give their healing energies. My stays there have always renewed me and calmed me all at the same time. I have known the the ocean, sun and the beauty have played a part in how I feel when I am there. But now I know that the lava rock does as well.

Gratitude that my hot stone massage led me to this realization

If I hadn’t felt the wonderful energies of a hot stone massage, I might never had been led to discover the healing energies of the Basalt stones used in those sessions. And, if I hadn’t learned of the energies of those stones, I might not have discovered the healing properties of the lava rock they are made of. I will forever be grateful for the soothing, healing energies I am given in my hot stone massages. They led me to the realization of how they are so indelibly linked to the soothing, healing energies I feel on the island of Hawaii.

The photos of basalt stones & the massage room in this blog are courtesy of my incredible masseuse, Christine Green, Vitality Chiropractic & Massage.

Kathy Jorgensen

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