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Holiday Memories: 3 Ways to Capture Them in Your Journal

This time of year I enjoy reflecting on my holiday memories, of a time when we all gathered around the tree to open presents or sat around the table for a yummy feast. One thing I wish I did more of during this time of year was journaling. I was not heavy into journaling as a kid. I doodled and scribbled some thoughts but nothing like I do now. Over the past couple years I have really dove into my journal trying to make a note about each day; hoping to capture the small moments so they can turn into big memories, especially for my young daughters. This year I created a few topics I am going to focus on this holiday season. I hope they help you capture your special holiday memories as well.

Holiday Memories

Memorable Holiday Songs 

Music is so powerful. Our minds will immediately think of a certain time in our lives when that special song comes on. One of my songs is “I’m getting Nuttin’ for Christmas”. I sang that in my 6th grade choir. Now every time I hear it I remember standing in the group of kids performing it for our parents during the holiday program. I enjoyed being a part of the choir and even had my parents buy me the tape (yes I’m dating myself) with all the songs we sang. I played that for years after. Wish I still had it.

Make a playlist and note why you like the song?

What holiday songs trigger a memory for you? Where were you, who were you with?

Holiday Memories

Family Holiday Traditions

When we create holiday traditions we bring meaning to the season. Some traditions can be big and include lots of people where as others can be small and personal. Either way, each tradition has a memory that holds a special place in our hearts. One tradition I really liked growing up and have shared with my girls is opening one gift on Christmas Eve. We all sit on the floor in front of the tree and open our gift. Every year we would get new pajamas. There was something about waking up Christmas morning in new pajamas that added a little extra sparkle to the morning. Such a simple way to create a holiday memory.

What holiday traditions did you have growing up?

Are there any new ones you want to try this year?

Holiday Memories

Giving Memorable Holiday Gifts

The holidays bring out a special kind of giving in our spirits. We are more aware of the things our family and friends really like. We search for the perfect gift, the one we hope will bring a bit of sparkle to their eyes. My most memorable gift I have ever given was a Zippo lighter to my Dad. He collected lighters and really liked this brand so I knew he would love it. I made it even more special by having it engraved. As a result, the look on his face was priceless when he opened that gift. I have that lighter on my dresser to remind me that my Daddy is watching over me and is still a big part of who I am.

What memorable gifts have you given? Who were they to? Describe the moment.

Are there any special meanings to the gifts you are giving this year?

Journaling about these, and other, holiday memories will become a treasure in years to come. You will create a place to look back to remember these precious times in your life. Capture your holiday memories by keeping your journal close this holiday season.

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Jaime Jo is a daughter, sister, friend, a wife and mom to 2 beautiful young girls. She was born in California, grew up in Las Vegas and now lives the Midwest life in Missouri. She enjoys turning little moments into big memories for her family. She loves hot tea, her current journal, and a cozy blanket. She has a large collection of bookmarks, key chains and earrings. Jaime Jo is a Journaling Mentor, helping women create a journaling practice that fits into their season of life. As mom’s we tend to give our all to others and may even forget what we love to do for ourselves. She uses the power of journaling to bring what they love back into their lives. Her message is “When you can’t do more of what you love, journal about it.” Her hope is to show women a place they can turn and be themselves, use their voice and explore who they are in the pages of their journal. Find more info at Jaime Jo is passionate about connecting, encouraging and holding space for others to be themselves. She believes we all do our best with what we have and what we know. Being kind is huge in our world today and creating the life you want comes from within. Be the YOU no one else can be.

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