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Honor the Cycles of the Moon to Reconnect to Your Natural Rhythms

I often look up at the night sky and feel my home is up there somewhere. I can feel my soul pulling toward the stars and moon, aching to return where it belongs. Sometimes I think my time on this planet, in this body, is simply a weird experiment in which I’m supposed to learn something or do something before I can go back home and once again reconnect to my natural rhythm among the moon and stars.

I realize that may sound a little nutty. However, my feelings were validated when I heard the famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson say, “The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.”

Moon cycles and our natural rhythms

It was comforting to put words and actual science to this vague feeling I’d been walking around with for the better part of a decade. Perhaps the spiritual answers I’d been seeking were indeed out there among the stars and moon. Honoring the cycles of the moon has allowed me to feel more connected to the natural rhythms of life and my body.

One need not look very far to see tangible evidence of how the moon affects nearly everything around us – the ocean tides, of course; light, in the case of day-and-night cycles and our circadian rhythms; and then there’s the animals (which we are!). Take birds, for example. Lunar cycles are crucial to their navigation as well as their migration and reproduction phases.

Connecting through moon circles

The moon turned 100% full on December 12, 2019, at 12:12 am Eastern Time. It was the last full moon of the decade. I felt it really strongly, as it was a perfect time to release resentments and regrets and move into the next decade with new energy. I set out my growing library of crystals on my back porch so they could get a full moon bath (remember, they’re all stardust!), and I was lucky enough to attend a Winter Solstice focused women’s moon circle the following week.

Attending these monthly gatherings of like-hearted women to honor the cycles of the moon has deepened my moon-centered practice. There’s a reason women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time – because it brings a sense of connectedness and fulfillment, often elusive, to women today.

If you’re curious about incorporating knowledge and rituals about the moon into your life, seek out a circle in your area. Or try a tele-circle if you don’t have an established circle nearby. Resources include The Wild Woman Project and Global Sisterhood.

Creating your own moon ritual

While moon gatherings are super special in a group, you can also create your own rituals to honor the cycles of the moon. Practice around the full or new moon, or both. Here’s a couple tips to get started:

  1. Set intentions. For the full moon, think about what needs letting go of in your life. For the new moon, focus on what you’d like to manifest. Write it down. Make it into a mantra. Burn it or place it under a crystal on an altar – whatever ritual solidifies the intention for you.
  2. Meditate. Again, focus on letting go during the full moon and “calling in” for the new moon. Take some time to sit quietly and reflect. New to meditation? Try a guided session. Plenty are available on YouTube. I use a free app called Insight Timer. Search for “full moon meditation” or “new moon meditation.”
  3. Practice yoga. Even novice yogis have probably heard of Sun Salutations. I recently learned there are also Moon Salutation flows, which are slower, softer, and emulate the shapes the moon makes at the various phases of her cycle.

This new decade’s first full moon falls on January 10, and the new moon is January 22. It’s a perfect time to establish a new ritual and draw closer to our natural rhythms. Perhaps you, too, will feel a little extra stardust sparkle.

Marti Bruening

Marti has spent the last 20+ years exploring various forms of personal growth and healing and believes strongly that women supporting other women is essential to restoring balance in our challenging world. Marti is a wife, mother, volunteer, and indoor cycling teacher and works full-time for a research institute. She lives in Fort Collins, Colo.

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