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Honoring Your Path Through Human Design

There was a time in which I felt really lost. When I didn’t know which direction to turn. When I wasn’t sure which way was up and which way was down. Everything on the outside everything looked ‘normal’ (Who even is to say what ‘normal’ is anyways!). Even though I followed the ‘traditional path’ and did what I was ‘supposed’ to do, something was missing. Something felt misaligned. Human Design helped me to connect the missing link.

As a young woman born in 1984, I was raised to be a good girl, follow the rules, go to school, get an education, and support myself, while simultaneously knowing that if someone gave me trouble I was not to back down. My parents loved and supported us in every way imaginable, yet something in me told me that the traditional path we had grown accustomed to wasn’t the path that was meant for me. 

Though I have no regrets, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Even as I type that now, I feel a disconnect in my body because I now have an unwavering belief that everything happens the way it is meant to. There’s no real ‘mistakes’. The Universe has a bigger imagination than we do.

I won’t go into all the details of my journey since there are a ton of moving pieces. My entrepreneurial journey unfolded and with each passing year, more and more clicked – more and more began to make sense. With every step I took, two more pieces clicked into place, and I knew that if I kept going for long enough, that I would get to where I wanted to go.

Human Design

My Journey with Human Design

In 2020, the pieces began to click even faster. For every one step I took, four more pieces clicked into place. Human Design is a system that gave me the compass to lead me back to where I belong. To the place that I considered to be home all along.

The grace that I gave myself changed in that moment.
The trust and inner knowing became stronger and stronger.
And the mistakes of the past turned into lessons.

What Is Human Design?

Human Design is your soul’s blueprint. The deep inner workings of you that were in place long before the world told you that you were wrong or should be different. The foundation that the Universe created with you in mind, before the experiences in our lives shaped us and conditioned us into the humans we are today.

I know that the journey I have taken has been the exact journey that I am meant to be on. There is nothing good or bad, right or wrong that has led me to this place, just memories, and lessons. Human Design is a beautiful gift that can deeply support me and nourish me through this next phase of my life.

Honouring My Path

Human Design gave me the permission I was looking for, something that made sense. The ability to experiment with what lights my soul on fire. To share my wild and crazy ideas – even if they don’t always make sense to others. To feel things deeply, and support others with my whole heart. The permission to cultivate a life of hell yes experiences and adventures. The necessity to release myself from the ‘shoulds’ and tune in to what I feel in my soul.

The greatest permission I have received of my entire life.

Human Design allowed me to work in unison with my natural and innate born gifts to create magic in the world around me so that I can support others in setting themselves free from the ‘shoulds’ too. My work is an extension of the lessons that I have learned over time.

Living a life of our desires is our birthright.
Following a path that someone else designed for us will set us up for disappointment.
Our unique designs make the world a beautiful place.

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Jess Garay

Jess is a waymaker, a butterfly nurturer, a gentle and steady voice that doesn’t need to demand a presence, a guidepost, a warm hug. As a Mama to 2 incredible humans, Wife to her soul mate, Life Coach + Nurse, her desire to change the world of everyone whom she connects with is her deepest intention. She sees the world through a very different lens. A place where your greatest desires + vision are part of your lived experience. Where love, personal power, + deep and meaningful connection are the pillars for growth. A place where you stand in place for everything that you believe in and never abandon yourself. Her work is rooted in creating a safe space for your expansion and growth. A place where you access new levels of awareness, bravery, intention, + magic within yourself. A space where your greatest passions and purpose are shared boldly and unapologetically with the world. Together we cultivate courage. Together we create roots of impact. Together we own every piece of our magic.

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