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How Do I Find My Fun Me Again? 5 Ways to Bring Your Smile Back

This past year has been heavy. Ok let’s be honest, for many of us, it has just plain sucked! The pandemic, social unrest, dehumanization, political division, virtual school, it has all weighed on me daily. Can’t turn the TV on or read the news or scroll through social media without some new developing shit show and more dreadful crap on the daily. I need some space from the anxiety and some fun back in my life. We need laughs, lightness, and I need to find my fun me again! Here are 5 ways I managed to bring my smile back.


The first thing I had to do this past year was focus on the things that are going well. I needed to bring my brain into the focus of everything I’m most grateful for at this moment. That can be simple like morning coffee, my health, my family is safe or we have a place to live. I made a commitment to write down at least 5 things I’m grateful about that are going well right now in my journal! We also have kept a family gratitude jar where I write on post-its, collect them and then dump them out on New Years’ to remind my family of the positive year. Whatever you choose (meditation, journaling, etc.) the idea is to shift your brain to think and look for what’s going well.


Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is not the best way to start the day. How is your sleep going? I wasn’t having restful sleep. Late nights, anxiety and binge-watching TV, contributed to this half-assed sleep schedule. I made changes to my sleep rituals. Bedtime routines and sleep hygiene prepare us for bedtime. Consistent sleep and wake times make all the difference. Set alarms for both. Lavender, soundscapes, comfy pj’s, favorite comedy shows or movies you have watched 100 times all assisted me in beginning to get a restful and happy night’s sleep. Waking up happy and added dopamine begins with good rest.


Pick one daily food or beverage that fills your soul with happiness. That’s it! Just one simple pleasure that sends your tastebuds into sensational bliss. That can be your organic smoothie, or some mac and cheese or some delightful childhood favorite like a bowl of cereal. Just eat one soul-filled fun, happy favorite food every day and enjoy the hell out of it! This doesn’t mean neglect your healthy eating habits. Eat a little bit of Joy! Get the dopamine reward and allow that simple pleasure to put a smile on your face.


Somedays I easily waste time on social media or TV which makes my anxiety flood. Time to tap into my favorite fun times of my youth. Why not do them again? Activities such as skiing and skating when I was young created some hilarious memories. Do all of them again. Make a list of fun solo activities you love or loved at a different time in your life. Involve your pets, Get the skates, buy the drum set, start that hobby you put down that you enjoyed long ago. Dance out to some old tunes. Whatever it is, just do it again! Remember how fun those things were? Doing them connects back to happy times. The practice of exercise, laughs, smiles and fun also doses the brain with wonderful endorphins.  

Even as we age and our physical needs shift, the joy of recreating fun memories should never diminish. If you need hearing aids, rechargeable battery hearing aids may offer significant advantages over their nonchargeable counterparts. These devices not only support your hearing by allowing you to fully experience laughter, music, and nature associated with your favorite activities, but they also offer convenience because they’re rechargeable. This means less hassle and more time spent enjoying moments that bring you happiness. From listening to your all-time favorite album to sharing stories with friends, ensuring you have access to hearing every moment clearly can significantly enhance the experience. Adopting technological aids doesn’t signify limitation – rather, they help ensure reliving those precious memories more fully!


This old southern expression always makes me laugh. “Get outside and get the stink blown off ya!” In all truth, being outdoors, even for 15 minutes a day, boosts serotonin and really changes one’s mood. Being in nature has a centering effect on oneself. Go for a walk or run, swing, hike, garden, cloud watch, swim in the lake, lay in a hammock, or bask in the sun – do some lizarding as my kids say. Just go outside! If it’s rainy, open up windows just enough to let in the earthy damp air. If it’s snowy, make a snow angel or shovel, make a snowman, or go snowshoeing.


Make a plan each day to incorporate one of each of these into your routine and get ready to find that fun inner person again. During the worst of times, it’s imperative to allow yourself to delight in small, simple pleasures and joy. Pepper in a good visit with a trusted friend, virtual yoga or some snuggle time with your furry pets to release some oxytocin. Make it about you, integrate loved ones and find your fun. Create things to smile about again! Now you can pass your ideas around so others can join in who also might need a smile. Finding fun and getting back my smile made this year a little less sucky!

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Teri Clark

Teri is a Boss Babe for 30 years in the hair industry. While owning and running her business in Northern Colorado, she’s most proud of being the CEO of her beautiful family. She has three talented flown and grown daughters, 24 and 20 year old identical twins. Her life experiences have embodied plenty of transitions including marriage, children, and a stay at home mom life. Followed by relocations from VA to TX to CO, working with at risk teens, grieving the heartbreak of divorce and the pivoting struggles of single parenting. While stabilizing life in Colorado as a single working mom for the past 15 years, she never forgets to give back through philanthropy projects. She has a passion for people, reading, dancing, music, connecting with kids and empowering women in all circles of life, especially behind the chair. With empty nesting now at hand, she aspires to add writer, painter, musician, gardener, traveler and stay at home dog mom to her resume. Exploring all that life has to offer in gratitude, is the catalyst for her creativity.

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