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How My Meditation Practice Is Impacting and Changing My Life

Before I begin my journey into meditation, I will provide a definition and science-based information. Oxford’s Dictionary defines meditation: as the practice of focusing your mind in silence; as well as calming your mind. Let’s dive deeper.

Meditation goes back centuries as early as 1500 BCE. Practiced in religious, spiritual, and everyday life. As well as, being used to increase calmness and physical relaxation.  and in holistic health settings to help with challenging emotions, which you will see if you check out these Eva Carlston Academy reviews. Medical research shows meditation improves psychological balance, and coping with illness; shows overall health and well-being are improved. Scientific research shows meditation has done amazing things to and for the brain. The pre-frontal cortex is thickened by meditation. In the center of the brain higher-functions were elevated, such as awareness, concentration, and decision-making. The brain functions better with a regular meditation practice.

My First Meditation Experience

As I remember, the 1st time I tried to practice of meditation; I had just returned home. I recall my sister Maryam boasting about how incredible meditation had been for her. She said it helped her to be mindful, understanding, and compassionate. It was relaxing and helped her to trust her intuition. My sister Maryam implied, it was life-changing.

Maryam set the room to begin our meditation. She lit candles and incense, with a delightful aroma. She turned on soothing music, the perfect touch for the beautiful atmosphere. Then, we sat on the floor with blankets and pillows. Maryam then informed me that she would take me through a few breathing exercises that would help calm the mind and body. And allow us to flow into our meditation practice. 

My sister started the meditation by having us close our eyes. She then guided me to inhale through my nose slowly and slowly exhale through my mouth. The breathing sequence was a total of four to six times. She begin speaking. I can’t remember what she said. I have the memory of crying uncontrollably. Little did I know that this was the beginning of releasing and clearing blocks.

After returning home to New York, in 2014. I didn’t practice meditation again for at least two years. Honestly, I feel meditation has always been a part of my life. 

The Universe Led me back to Meditation

I had this urge to go deep within myself. But, in my mind, had no idea what that truly meant. I remember I would always listen to motivational speeches on YouTube as I worked out. Then one day as I finished up my workout, and I went to change the video on YouTube. Louise Hay’s audiobook “I Can Do it: How to Use Affirmations to  Change your life” popped up.

My curiosity had taken over. Louise Hay’s audiobook, played in the background as I got ready for my day. Every day, I began listening as I worked out. Her audiobook was wonderful. It was seven days of listening to new ideas, and perceptions and doing things I had never done. It was incredible.

Finally, as Louise Hay’s audiobook ended, I reached for my phone to turn off YouTube. At that moment, like magic, a video caught my eye and sparked extreme curiosity. A guided meditation; titled “Mind Silence Remove Negative Blocks, Automatically Quiet the Mind” by Paul Santisi. Intrigued? The universe had sent me a sign. I knew meditation was always meant to be a part of my life.

The Return to Meditation

Then, I was ready to begin my return to meditation. I couldn’t hide my excitement. Paul Santisi suggested a few things, in the video. Firstly, I place my phone on do not disturb. Secondly, grabbed my headset and sleep mask or towel to place over my eyes. Thirdly, I place my notebook/journal and a blue ink pen nearby. I needed to make sure I was comfortable. I was about to venture into an hour-long meditation; journaling was necessary. 
After that, I felt incredible, much lighter. It was as if, something had been lifted or released from my body. I opened my journal, writing four pages about my experience and how the universe lead me back to meditation.

Living with Meditation

“Mind Silence Remove Negative Blocks” was a part of my morning routine for years. I have the notebooks and journals to prove it.
Meditation is an everyday must-do, I can’t function properly without it. It’s my favorite addiction. I didn’t start with 5-10 guided meditation; I went directly to the hour practice. My first year of meditation was phenomenal; that feeling still holds true. My outlook has changed; I am more mindful and conscious of my thoughts, my environment, and my interactions with others. I’m even happier, calmer, and full of energy. Everything in life I viewed from a different perspective. 

To summarize, meditation is a major part of my life. I practice every day. I can’t go a day without it, if I do I feel off. A 5-minute meditation, does wonders. Life with meditation is exactly as my sister told me. Ultimately life-changing. I can say for certain I believe meditation plays an amazing part, in how I look and feel every day.

The types Of Meditation

There are several types of meditation. However; I will tell you about the major two I practice regularly. I love Mindfulness and Visualization meditations. Firstly; Mindfulness meditation; is the practice of acknowledging your reality. Beginning with being mindful of your body and thoughts without judgment or manipulation. Secondly; a Visualization meditation; begins with an image that creates a particular feeling or quality is brought to mind. I have participated in group meditations, as well. Which are unusually guided and visualizations meditation. In conclusion, visualization meditations are by far my favorite; it’s always a beautiful adventure.

What’s your experience with meditation?

When you meditate daily, you change your energy on such a deep level that everything around you begins to feel elevated.

Gabby Bernstein

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