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How To Be More Present For Your Customers

Everyone expects managers and entrepreneurs to love their business and in a way, many of them do. However, there can be times when the company isn’t as profitable as it could be or you’re stuck in a rut that feels impossible to claw out of. One reason for this could be that you aren’t attracting new customers or retaining existing consumers. This could be because you–as a manager–are not present enough. So, what can you do to change that? 

Show Up 

Often, it’s as simple as being there to help your customers and employees overcome problems and find solutions. Being able to solve issues is a key part of retail management. It can ensure that your store or business generates a strong, respected reputation within your industry. 

Having a senior staff member there at all times can drastically reduce the amount of confusion that could happen daily. Especially if you have a team of new hires. As long as you’re there, whether to keep an eye on things or work on backroom admin tasks, you can solve an array of common issues to keep things running smoothly. 

Make Everyone More Available 

Similarly, you can also make everyone else more available even if you don’t require them at the office. This point is where remote working can still benefit the customer, especially if you need more varied customer service options. 

A medical virtual assistant can still connect clients or patients with the right information to help them book appointments or have queries answered. The same goes for retail stores or similar establishments. Even if they aren’t there in person, it should be easy for customers to connect with them online to check order status or other factors. 

Respond to Their Feedback 

Customers like to feel listened to. So even if you’re not there all the time doesn’t mean you can’t still be present for them. Offering surveys could be the perfect way to help you improve your business and make customers feel valued. 

They will see that you have taken the time to implement their suggestions. This will enhance their experience and could even make it so that you’re not needed as much as you used to be, which can help customers feel more independent. 

Be Active Online

You can also build customer relationships and be present for them by being online. Use your profiles to communicate with customers on social media and field thoughts or simply respond to comments on your posts, whether to clarify questions or thank them for being a customer. 

The more active you are online, the easier it will be to build your presence and reputation. Customers will become more aware of your business as you generate a following because of your communication, and this can help you broaden your customer base. It’s important to launch a functional and aesthetically pleasing website where you can respond to customer needs. If you need help in the area of marketing and having a stronger presence online then you may want to look into how Cullen Fischel can help. He has a strong reputation for helping businesses like yours be more active online.


Even though remote working has become a common trend for many businesses, other companies still require you on-site, whether at an office, warehouse, or store. This can help you be more present at all times and guarantee you get the right feeling of how your company is perceived and where it could improve.

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