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How to Make Your Kitchen Less Stressful

Finding peace within your home is often easier said than done. It can feel like as soon as you’ve tidied one area, another explodes into chaos, and it is impossible to keep up. However, you don’t need to live in a stressful space. You must know how to manage these environments to make your home less stressful. 

Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas in your home. So much goes on there that it can become a hectic, overwhelming environment. If your kitchen is getting you down, here are some tips to help you make your space less stressful. 

Make It Easy to Get Around 

Your Work Triangle is an important part of your kitchen and refers to the three most-used areas, which are your sink, refrigerator, and stove. Usually, these three areas are close by so you can access all of them with ease. However, smaller kitchens can make this stressful, and the space can become too cluttered. If you can arrange everything to ensure you can get around easily, you won’t feel as overwhelmed when preparing meals or brewing a fresh coffee pot. 

Keep Your Cabinets Organized 

Cluttered and disorganized kitchen cabinets will not make you fall in love with your kitchen. For one, finding the simplest items, such as spices or containers, will take forever. Another issue is that nothing has a proper place. You just stick things wherever they will fit. Finding out the best way to arrange everything within your kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference. It will make things easier to access and replace so you don’t feel you’re playing kitchen Jenga. 

Clean Up Every Day 

No one wants to clean the kitchen. But wiping down the counters and doing the dishes every day will make it easier to manage. You don’t need to scrub desperately at burned or dried-on food, and you can wake up to a clean, calming space, especially on weekends. From your pots and pans to your coffee machine and coffee brush, there are several crucial appliances and accessories you must clean daily to keep things running smoothly.

Label Everything 

The older you get, the more you appreciate the benefits of order. This can be incredibly useful when you are cooking. If you like to buy spices and seasonings in bulk, labeling everything can ensure you put the right spices into your dish rather than trusting your nose every time. Anyone who’s used cinnamon rather than garam masala knows how crucial these labels are, and it doesn’t just go for spices. Labeling containers for pasta, rice, crackers, and more can keep your kitchen more organized and accessible. 

Store Your Leftovers Properly 

If you’re like any other household in the country, you likely make too much food and store leftovers in the refrigerator. However, just because they’re in the fridge doesn’t mean they’ll get eaten, meaning it becomes more cluttered with food long past its safe-to-eat date. This issue can turn your refrigerator into a chaotic mess, so learning safe leftover storage practices could be the perfect solution to make your kitchen less stressful and prevent unnecessary food waste. 

Declutter Regularly 

Buying lots of non-perishables seemed like a fantastic idea at the time. You know you’ll be fully stocked in case of an emergency, and you always have something to eat on those days when you don’t feel like cooking. However, too much stocking up can also cause problems. You only have a finite amount of kitchen space, so you might end up with packs of noodles or sauces that expired long ago. Take some time to go through your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator to clear out anything that you forgot you had to free up space. 

Keep Your Utensils Ready

Your utensils could be another reason your kitchen stresses you out. If you struggle to chop an onion or slow-cook a roast, it could be time to market changes and upgrade your utensils. Regular cooks should know how to sharpen and hone their kitchen knives to ensure convenience, efficiency, and safety. You may also want to replace your slow cooker that is–frankly–a little too slow for your liking. These steps can make your kitchen experience more enjoyable and you might fall back in love with cooking. 


Your kitchen is supposed to be a fun place where you get creative with meals and enjoy making dishes for your family. However, if you don’t stay on top of everything, you risk letting things get away from you, which makes the space even more stressful. These tips can help you keep your kitchen under control.

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