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I Believed the Lie that I was Unworthy; Turns out I am Worthy

Worthiness. I am going to be honest with you. This word makes me uncomfortable. Like, to my core. I suffered years of emotional and verbal abuse in my childhood and the idea that I am unworthy has really stuck and impacted my adult life. There are times in my life that I feel unworthy of a lot of things. A new job, my relationships, and new and exciting opportunities. I believed the lie that I was unworthy; It turns out I am worthy.

The Lie of Unworthiness

The lie that was told to me all through out my childhood was this: you are unworthy of everything. Not worthy of praise, to try new things, to work a decent job, or succeed. And the one that hurts the worst for me. Unworthy of love.

Even if you haven’t been through years of abuse like I have, I bet that unworthiness creeps into your life as well. This makes you feel like you don’t deserve the blessings given to you. Unworthiness is a weight that really hold us down.

The Truth

I believe that we have all experienced that feeling of “I am not worthy”. My biggest area that I feel unworthy is my relationships. Because I was told so much that I was not worthy of love, I struggle with receiving love. With my husband. With family. And with myself. I am a helper; I take joy in helping and being there for others. But I have a hard time loving and being there for myself.

I believed the lie I was unworthy; turns out I am worthy

The Journey

I’ll be honest, there are days I still struggle with believing I am worthy. I know in my head I am, but my heart tells me something different due to the trauma I have experienced. I have worked really hard connecting the two, and I have to realize that the things that were told to me from a young age were not the truth. My heart needs to feel that I am worthy of love and belonging. I believed the lie that I was unworthy; turns out I am worthy.

I believed the lie that I am unworthy; turns out I am worthy

We don’t have to do anything to be worthy.

“The greatest challenge for most of us is believing that we are worthy now, right this minute. Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites.” -Brené Brown. There is nothing we need to do to obtain worthiness. I believed the lie that I was unworthy; turns out I am worthy. It is not easy to change our distorted thoughts to realistic ones, but it is true; You, my friend, are worthy. Worthy to love yourself and others. You. Are. Worthy.

Savannah Howe

Savannah is a Colorado native of twenty-three years. She has been married to her husband for five years in December and they just welcomed their new baby girl into the world in June. About a year or so ago, Savannah realized that she needed to take a serious look at what she wanted for her life. She realized that she wanted to educate and inspire others through her story and has felt very called to do so. Savannah has always had a passion for helping others. Ever since she can remember, she has wanted to support others to overcome trauma and obstacles that were similar to what she experienced. As a young child she was abused, neglected and exposed to other traumas, but she knew God had a plan and a purpose. She has put in and is still putting in the work to overcome the traumas, and she wishes to encourage and give hope to others. She hopes to continue with her blog, finish writing her book, as well as speak to adults, kids, teachers, parents and anyone else who will listen about her stories to help educate and inspire.

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