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It’s Bigger Than Basketball: When Teams Turn Into Families

My son was practically born with a basketball in his hand. Before he could even walk he was gripping the baby sized basketballs and dunking into trashcans (he may have had a little help with the dunking part).

It Was An Adorable Disaster

It was only natural that he joined his first recreational basketball league when he was in 3rd grade. What an adorable disaster it was. Dribbling while running down the court was a task all in itself. Shooting the ball looked more like a shot put move than anything and rarely did the ball make its way into the hoop. But he was in love.

We played rec ball for about two years before we were introduced to the idea of playing for a competitive club team by a close family friend. My son was invited to come try out and you would have thought it was a matter of life and death. He was SO nervous!!!! It was like this one moment would forever decide his fate. I will admit, I was equally as nervous for him. I knew he was good…..but I am his mom, right? To me he was the best! I didn’t know what to expect, what if he didn’t make the team? His heart would be broken.

For The First Time He Was Surrounded By Other People That Were Like Him

By the end of the in-practice try out he was glowing. The ride home was filled with endless conversation about how cool all the other boys were, how good they played and how for the first time in his 10 years of life he was surrounded by other people that were like him. He felt at home.

The last 2 years have been filled with early mornings and late nights. Victories, defeat, tears and sweat. These 11 boys have have grown into amazing young men. Its incredible to see their growth over the last 2 years on and off the court. Their love for the game is second to their love for each other.

It’s Bigger Than Basketball

Our Mustangs team has earned a reputation over the years. The players are known for their sportsmanship, kindness and fierce competitiveness. We have been blessed with an amazing coaching staff that is committed to developing not only great basketball players but great men. The values and principles they are teaching our boys is priceless. The foundation we have as a Mustangs Family is bigger than basketball.

Our fans have earned a reputation as well. We are known for coming out full force in our Mustangs gear and being some of the loudest cheering fans in whatever gym we walk into. Often referred to as the Mustangs Mob our group consists of the most amazing people I have the fortune of calling my friends. These are parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and friends.

Our Mustangs Mob Traveled all the way to Las Vegas

This journey has been more than we could have ever expected. I have gained a family of that I get to share these precious moments with as we celebrate on the side lines together through every win and every loss. My son has gained a band of brothers who’s bond can never be replaced. He has been taught the value of hard work, dedication and how to lose with grace and dignity.

We mob deep, we play with pride – Mustangs WE RIDE!

Britney Skidmore

Britney is a wife, friend, sister, daughter, mother and animal lover. She has a 12 1/2 year old son and motherhood has been the biggest challenge and accomplishment of her life! She is a crazy basketball mom and spends most of her free time cheering in the stands with her Mustangs Basketball Family or snuggled up with her fur babies. She started adulting early in life. She was married at 17, a mom by 18, and a single mom struggling to make it by 19. She thinks everyone has a story worth hearing and she's here to share her continued story with you!

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