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Journaling About your Hobbies: How I Stay Connected

Journaling about your hobbies is a great way to stay connected to them when you may not have the time, space or money to actually do your hobby. One of my favorite hobbies is listening to music. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed my commute to work because I got to listen to the radio. Which reminds me of the days I spent tape recording my favorite songs as a teen. Once my dad bought me a stereo that I could record the radio I was hooked, making my own tapes with all my favorite songs. I was horrible at remembering to write down who the artist was or even the names of the songs. I wish I had implemented some of these tips I am going to share with you now, back then. If you have a hobby that you love but you find it hard to make space to actually do it, read through these tips and maybe one will jump out to you and help you find that joy again.

Write about why you enjoy this hobby. What about it makes you happy? What does it remind you of?

My joy for music started in 6th grade when I was accepted into the choir. I remember auditioning and trying to hit the notes as the teacher hit the keys on the piano. I don’t really know if it was a true audition or not but it stuck with me and I was super excited to hear her say I could join the choir. We had a Christmas show that year. One of my favorite memories.

When was the last time you did this specific hobby? What keeps you from enjoying it now?

As I mentioned above, I did not realize how much I missed music until I stopped commuting to work and became a stay at home mom. My moments for music seemed to disappear. The only time I seemed to listen to music was in the car and my time in the car was now few and far between. My music hobby became lost in my day to day homelife, raising babies and creating a comfortable home. I just did not think about turning on the radio.

How can you incorporate your hobby into your season of life today?

Now when I get in the car, I blast the music and sing at the top of my lungs. This is such a great stress relief. I will flip through my favorite stations and go from Country to Rap and back to Christian to Pop. Another time I bring music back is while cleaning up the dinner dishes. I will start my Pandora playlist and dance around the kitchen, making this daily task more fun than annoying.

Here are some other ways I incorporate my music hobby into my life…

  • Make playlists in Pandora and/or written in my journal.
  • Note why this song is special or how it makes me feel.
  • Do a bit of research on the Artist.
  • Listen to instrumental music I love, like the Cello or Violin.
  • Write out the lyrics. Capture favorite lines. Create quotes.

Using my journal as a place to stay connected to my hobbies has been such a relief when feeling like I don’t remember what I enjoy. I can open a page and listen to some music and write. Sometimes words jump out at me from a song and that can trigger memory or emotion I can use as a prompt.

Journaling about your hobbies, whatever that may be for you, will give you a sense of who you are and what you love. Keeping these hobbies going are an important part of you.

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Jaime Jo Freeman

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