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Last Minute Dinner Plans? Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do

If you’re not much of a spontaneous person, being invited along to last minute dinner plans about an hour before it occurs can be the start of an anxiety spiral

Whether your partner forgets to tell you about dinner with their parents or your boss wants to see you at the company party, you’ve got little time to prepare! What are you going to wear? How are you going to find the energy? Who’s going to look after the kids?! 

It’s going to be tough, but if you need to go out, you can push through; here’s how. 

Keep Your Outfit Simple

There’s no need to go all out. If you want to dress like a sophisticated adult that looks the part, you only need a bit of simple glamor on your side. The nicest, most simple thing in your wardrobe is what you need to reach for, whether that’s a dress or a suit. Colors like blue, green, and black work on everyone. 

You can then achieve a very simple hair and makeup look with just a hair clip and some mascara and/or eyeliner. In fact it could only take you around 5 minutes to achieve the perfect glamorous look! And don’t spend too much time sweating things in the mirror. The more you focus on what looks ‘wrong’ about you, the worse a mood you’re going to be in. 

Last Minute Childcare is Available

If the kids are your main worry in a situation like this, remember that we live in a modern world where most things are possible. So yes, there’s a good chance you could call in a sitter at the last minute. Modern tech can save us a lot of headaches!

If this dinner is important and there really is no other way out of it, get onto a platform like and find a reliable, verified babysitter that can spare a couple of hours for the evening. Of course, check with your loved ones first, but if you don’t have any relatives to rely on, this is the option you can turn to. 

Have an Easy ‘Out’

You might be concerned about this dinner due to a sheer lack of energy. The more time you have to spend running around doing things for other people, the less time you have to sit down and give your feet a rest. 

That’s why you should workshop an ‘easy out’ before you arrive at the restaurant. When you’ve got an excuse that’ll let you leave early if need be, you don’t have to worry about flagging halfway through proceedings. If you’re trying to impress someone, falling asleep at the table certainly isn’t going to do you a favor! 

If you’ve just been told about last minute dinner plans, make sure you check this list first of all! You don’t need to panic or freak out; double check if you really do have to go and then focus on being practical about the evening ahead. 

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