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Looking Back: A Letter To Share Some Mama Wisdom

Dear Mama,

You are in such an intense season of your life with these precious babies. Diapers, sleepless nights, napless days, every bodily fluid imaginable. Juggling more than 1 person’s need for attention. It’s pure exhaustion. But Mama, even on your roughest day, you are amazing and beautiful and loved. Here’s to looking back so I can share this mama wisdom to help you survive/power through these days now. You got this! Feel it, savor it, embrace, it!


I can hear all the buts. But I snapped and yelled. But I look awful. AND you are exactly the mama these beautiful children need right now. God (the universe or whatever higher power you believe in) gave YOU these sweet babies because he knew you were exactly the right mama for the job. Yes, these kiddos test you at every.single.turn. And you are the one that guides them through this wild maze of life. When they need a kiss on their boo boo to feel better, Mama! When they succeed at something, who do they look to first? Mama!

mama wisdom

Savor The Moments

On the days it feels like you’re crushing this mama thing, relish in it, take mini snapshots and tuck them in your heart for the days that feel like you’re being crushed. Soak up those sticky hugs and wet kisses. Take notes on what things are working on those crushing it days AND give yourself a pat on the back for freaking crushing it today. This is no small feat! You’re having an awesome moment so live it!!

Face It

When the days feel like they are crushing you, find a space – bathroom, closet, car – let out those emotions. Cry, yell, Breathe! Believe me, I know it feels like it will never change, get better, and sometimes it does take awhile to swing the pendulum. IT.WILL.GET.BETTER.

While you are processing your emotions, remember that you have small humans looking to you for guidance. You don’t have to put on a brave face. Being brave is staring down those emotions and fears, AND facing them heading on, working through them.

No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.

Maya Angelou

Because I’m the future version of you, I know how healing and soothing music is for you. Remember that simple, yet powerful tool. So turn up that song, grab the kiddos, and dance and sing. Let your body feel the emotions through the music. They will remember your dance parties and the fun they had being with you.


One of the most challenging parts of motherhood is the constant feeling of isolation. You must fight that feeling. You are NEVER ALONE! Today’s society has our egos believing that we shouldn’t need help. Bull$h!T! You know the saying, “it takes a village” to raise a family is based on the fact that many cultures use the entire village to help with family. In The Awakened Woman by Dr. Tererai Trent, she shares her experiences of village life, working together, lots of mama wisdom in this one!

Another way to gain mama wisdom is to learn from other mamas! Ask questions and listen to the answers. Take what feels good and leave what doesn’t! In this blog, my friend Nikola shares about maternal exhaustion.

mama wisdom

Mama, you are beautiful, amazing, wise, worthy, and enough just as you are! Breathe and hold on because it’s a wild and so worth the ride.

With so much love,

Your future Mama self

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Dana Andalora

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