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Mama, Never Give up. Keep Trying, Keep Going.

I sat down on the steps, exhausted, ready to give up believing things could get better, ready to give up trying. The feeling of fatigue covering my whole body. Wondering how in the world am I going to keep going. Knowing I can’t keep going like this. Feeling lost, alone, and broken. I’m going to share how I got back up that time so the next time I can do it again. And you can too. The tired, worn down mama that needs support, encouragement, knowledge that you’re not alone. So you can get back up. So we can keep going and never give up.

never give up

Mama Needs a Time Out.

Take a break, walk away. Even if it’s to the restroom. Say mama needs a time out! Breathe, cry, hug yourself. Mama keep going.

Say Yes to Selfcare and No to Mama Guilt.

You hear all the shoulds. I should be happy, I should be calm, I should be friendly, I should be grateful. Then we beat ourselves up for not being all those things ALL OF THE TIME. Mama, no one is all the things all the time!! We need to release the mama guilt!!

As parents, we get our kids up and ready for school/daycare/camp. We get routines printed and mastered. Schedules and chore charts get printed out and put on the wall. We do everything to set up our family for success but often we forget to set up me time, self care time. Take a breath and take 5 minutes for you! Mama, never give up.

Give Yourself Grace!

You are doing a good job! You’re doing a good job! Yes you are doing a good job! In Christy Wright’s book Take Back Your Time, she tells a story about how she struggled as a new mom and her husband’s words sunk in. She also reminds us, “You’re doing so many things right. And you’re already enough for this life you’re leading.”

Recently I heard a pastor say “Be gentle with yourself. God always works on our side but seldom on our schedule.” Oh how true that is.

Examine Your Self Imposed Expectations.

Self imposed expectations are something I regularly struggle with. During one therapy session, my therapist suggested I write out all the different rules and expectations in detail that I have for myself as a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter. Once I did that, she asked me to review the list and see which ones were actually expectations that others imposed on me. This was hard to see. Yes, as a parent, I need to feed my kids and get the clean clothes. But it’s clean clothes for a day so I don’t need to do 10 loads of laundry. And food can be takeout, it doesn’t have to be a 5 star healthy meal today.

Take the time to review each piece of where you’re beating up on yourself. Where can you make adjustments? Which areas can you ask for help?

never give up

Ask For Help

Did you see this one coming? If you’re like me, you say, well who will help me? Then you can find out like me, anyone you actually ask will help you. If you don’t ask, you won’t get help. You know why we see super moms everywhere, it’s because we don’t see where they are struggling. We see the good moments. So let’s have more good moments. Let’s ask for help! Mama, never give up, keep going!

Get Encouraged

Whether it’s music, a podcast, a group of local friends, a group of online friends. Seek out positive vibes. I promise you we will always find something to complain about. But for the next 5 minutes, find something good!

I’ll share lyrics to a song that has encouraged me.

I won’t let you get me down.
I’ll keep getting up when I hit the ground.
Oh never give up, no never give up.
I’ll find my way, find my way home.

Never Give up by Sia

Mama, keep going, never give up.

keep going

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