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Manifest a Magical Life You Want!

We are all magical beings by nature and manifesting a magical life you want is possible for you. As a mama of three, author, a small business owner and everything else in between the reality of life disrupts my dreams and the magic of life fades.

Only, what if we can change all of that with a manifesting practice? This practice will invite you to create the life you want and not what you feel stuck with. If you want this to become your life repeat this practice every day for the next 21days. Because research shows it takes our mind at least that long to believe something as the truth.

Practice Manifesting your Magical Life

It’s time to find a comfortable seat, somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Pop in some headphones with relaxing instrumental music (no vocals so you can bring focus to your thoughts). Doing this at bedtime is best because our subconscious mind is more open to new ideas about manifesting our magical life we want.

Allow yourself to get comfortable, feel your body supported by the surface below you. Begin with 11 conscious inhales followed by 11 conscious exhales. Bring your awareness to breath. Notice the thoughts coming in and almost like you can swipe past them, move your breath into your body as your mind softens.

Allow your shoulders to relax down from the ears, unclench your jaw and melt into this moment.

It’s time to disconnect from the self-limiting beliefs that tell us why we can’t and why we are not worthy and tap into our unlimited self. The big dreamer, the carefree part of us that is creative, fun, flexible, and lovable.

Manifest the Magical Woman You Want to Be

The woman you want to be is already with you no matter what you think. Open to the part of you that knows you are worthy of love, forgiveness, healing, abundance, success, and living your life to the fullest.

Exhale and soften even more than before and imagine yourself in two years. Visualize you living your best life. Imagine your dream home. Where would you live? Tap into the details of the exterior and interior. What would feel cozy and amazing to you? Let go of why you can’t have all of this and create you as confident, healthy, vibrant, joyful, and exuding love. Feel how it feels to be here. Allow this to be the most extravagant, brightest most successful, being true to your vulnerable, authentic version of yourself. And as you look deeper you see the lovely, incredible, healthy, and abundant you!

Now see your body, see you loving yourself, being healthy, and aboard of your healing journey loving your body as it is. See you living and supporting a healthy lifestyle. In the eye of your mind see you practicing self-care. Imagine the healthy meals you prepare and movement that guides you into a healthier self. Here notice Nd see who you are surrounded by. Imagine people who fill you up and make you feel good. See your relationships, these are unconditionally loving relationships with healthy boundaries on your terms. Let go a little deeper and feel what you want your relationships to be like. Feel the positive vibes radiating around you. See open and clear communication.

Manifest Magic Through Breath

Inhale into your heart for the abundance that is your life. Breathe into your health. Exhale into letting go of what is not serving you. Inhale magic as you move into your business life. Imagine your dream career or you venturing off on your own and how successful you are.

See the people you connect with and how you bring value to their lives. Feel what if feels like as your bank account grows and smile because you have worked your entire life to get here. With feeling and envisioning you have manifested yourself here. Perhaps you can feel your heart flittering and happy tears arise because this is your life and you are capable of doing it all.

Manifest a Magical Grateful Heart

Looking in and finding out

Hold and feel into a grateful heart for this incredible life you have created in your mind. Feel into it as if it is already here. Embody you. Inhale smile. Surrender these feelings and trust the universe will bring them to you on the perfect timing.

Mantra to affirm “There are no limits, of course, I can have this.” Feel these words as the truth. And then say “I am ready and open to receive this life or better.” Say this with intention as if it is here. Inhale with a grateful heart and smile at your new life.

Exhale with gratitude, back into your body, wiggle your fingers and toes come back into the space around you. Feel the weight of your body and the support of the surface beneath you.

As you gently batt your eyelashes open, know that this visualization, this magical manifestation practice is on its way to you.

If visualizing is a challenge you can turn this into a journaling prompt. For best results do this as both a journaling exercise and a mindfulness manifestation practice.

I Love You. I Am Grateful For You

Be proud of yourself for getting out of your comfort zone and being creative by tapping into your magical manifesting powers. Know that you are capable of anything that you think and believe you are. Living the life you’ve always wanted is possible for you.

I love you, My Sisters! I am right here doing the work with you.






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Shelly Bond

Shelly is an inspired mama of three living in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in Estes Park Colorado. Waking up, she pauses and breathes deeply in awe of the beauty surrounding her. Reading and listening to books is an obsession that has transmitted into a love for writing. Chips and salsa are her weakness, and she survives on almonds and tea. Styrofoam is her kryptonite. She believes she is the funniest person she knows. One of her greatest pleasures is painting or writing whatever is on her mind or overflowing her cup. Being married, seventeen years, and blessed with a special needs daughter has taught her so much about herself. Learning how to battle with resistance, guilt, and opening to acceptance with love. Three years ago she embarked on a Yoga teacher training forever changing her life’s path. Guiding her into becoming a Reiki practitioner, she discovered healing is within us all no matter how big or small. Healing isn’t the endpoint, it’s only a part of the journey.

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