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Top 7 Tips for Women Home Buyers: Real People Helping Real People

According to an article in U.S. News and World Report, women home ownership is on the rise. 18% of home buyers in 2017 were single women, compared to only 7% of single men. We talked to a Keri Imhof, a mortgage broker and she shared with us her top 7 tips for women home buyers.

Top 7 Tips for Women Home Buyers

  1. Start working with a loan officer early on.  By doing this you can discuss the different types of loans available and what the requirements are from them. That way you can be better prepared when the time comes to apply.
  2. Know your budget. If you know your budget you will know what you’re comfortable with for your monthly mortgage payments. This way you you don’t overspend and get a monthly payment that’s too high.
  3. Know your credit score. The higher the credit score the lower your rates. If there are issues with credit, you should address them sooner than later. Your mortgage broker can assist you in finding areas to improve on your credit.
  4. Alimony and child support can be counted as income. All circumstances are different, these forms of income can count as long as they meet the requirements set by the lender.
  5. Location is important. Start looking at the areas you would like to purchase in and know what is important to you in a location. Look at the safety of a neighborhood and amenities close by. Schools in the area are also a consideration.
  6. Take your time and don’t rush. I see a lot of people who rush into a purchase and don’t slow down to look at the big picture. Take your time and make sure you’re making the best choice possible for you and your circumstances.
  7. Call me. I’d love to help you find your perfect loan for you perfect home!

Get to Know Keri Imhof with Edge Mortgage, Inc.

If you are looking for a mortgage company, I have found one for you. You can trust Edge Mortgage Inc., they fight for your best interest and authentically care about your experience throughout the process. More importantly, you must get to know Keri Imhof, President and Loan Officer at Edge Mortgage. Keri is a “real person who helps real people” through a process often seen through an institutional lens. Read on to learn more about Keri, Edge Mortgage Inc., and important things to know about mortgage companies.

Caring about the Client

Talking mortgages is not something I do often. For example, when this happens, I shy away from the conversation because I feel ignorant to the ins and outs of the process. After speaking with Keri, I now have someone I will turn to for my mortgage questions and needs in Colorado. 

Keri Imhof is the Founder & President of Edge Mortgage. She was born and raised in Colorado and proudly pours herself into working for her clients. Keri took the time to help me understand the person behind the company. She shared why working with Edge Mortgage is the right decision for your mortgage lending needs. Keri took the time to provide information that was easy for me to understand. She offered support when I had questions and insight regarding why mortgage companies are different. Additionally, she discussed why this can matter for the buyer. I quickly understood why her clients appreciate her so much. 

Prior to becoming a broker, Keri experienced a “not so satisfying” loan process. This less than optimal experience sparked Keri’s desire to help others through what can be a difficult process. Keri saw the need for real people helping real people through the process.

Keri’s experience grew and so did her recognition of the value of communication in the mortgage business. She relished the rewards of working in the best interest of her clients, especially in difficult situations. Furthermore, Keri wanted to establish practices, rates, and personal care that followed her values and philosophy and puts the client’s interests first. Working for her clients is most important and that is why Keri started Edge Mortgage. For Keri, business is personal and her work with Edge Mortgage is a reflection of her. Keri never takes this responsibility lightly.

Providing a Satisfying Experience

Securing a mortgage can be a process providing stress, discouragement and unknowns. There are two ways to ease these types of difficult emotions during the mortgage process. The first is understanding the processes involved to secure a mortgage. The second is having someone you trust guide you every step of the way. Keri does both of these actions well; she communicates and builds trust!

Keri provides a client experience that minimizes stress, confusion, and anxiousness. Keri’s clients often highlight these results as reasons why they enjoy working with Edge Mortgage. Keri has a clear commitment to hard work, dedication to her client’s interests, and is in constant communication throughout the process. These comments are just a sampling of the accolades she has received in customer reviews.

Keri brings extensive experience, heartfelt care, and prioritizes her clients in all situations. She believes communication is key and makes her clients feel like they are her only clients. These qualities and values combined make Keri a great loan officer.

Differences Between Mortgage Companies: Why it matters

I admitted to Keri that I did not understand the real differences between mortgage companies. I have always relied on my friends or family to recommend someone to me. Keri said that is quite often the case. She went on to provide helpful insight into the differences between companies and what it means to her clients. 

Keri and I talked about national companies, their advertising, and spokespeople. Large companies have greater expenses for overhead, marketing, and affiliation fees. These costs typically get passed down to the client.

Keri provided insight regarding compensation rates as well. In larger companies, corporate leadership often sets the compensation rates. This rate can include compensation for multiple parties within a corporation. With a small, privately-owned company, owners can set their compensation rates lower. Keri’s compensation rate is very competitive and this ultimately benefits her clients with lower interest rates.

In addition to setting her compensation rates, Keri ensures that her clients are not charged any additional fees that are often associated with larger companies. This allows her to keep the costs for her clients to a minimum.

Relationships, Communication, Real People

We cannot understate the importance of relationships within the mortgage lending business. As a mortgage broker, Keri has relationships with lenders and is able to custom tailor a loan for a client’s individual needs to ensure they are getting the best rate and loan. More than this, Keri has built strong relationships with the individuals who work for these lenders to ensure a smoother loan process.

Again, Keri reminds us that the mortgage process is truly about communication, relationships, and real people! There is no doubt Edge Mortgage and Keri Imhof care about the people they come into contact with. Keri makes generous contributions and donations to her community through Edge Mortgage because community and relationships are what matter the most. Keri makes a commitment to the people she works with. She values honest and constant communication and is someone you can trust to fight for your best interest. My insight into Keri’s work suggests her clients know she will be there for them even after they successfully close as they have gained much more than a loan officer through the process.

Keri would be my first choice of loan officers in Colorado. I recommend she be yours too.

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by Edge Mortgage Inc. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience with the company.*

Becky Broghammer

Becky grew up falling in love with the outdoors of Alaska and Colorado, she currently lives in Ohio with her husband of 23 years and they share three children (ages 21, 15, 12). As an educator, designer and facilitator, kindness and respect are at the center of Becky’s interactions. She focuses on supporting and encouraging her community and promotes equity in all facets of her life. Becky is a lifelong learner and has earned degrees in Interior Design (BA), Educational Leadership (MA), Student Affairs Leadership (PhD) and is currently working on an MS in Construction Management. Her work in higher education provides perspective and insight regarding privilege and marginalization. Becky works to inspire and expand the understanding of others’ truths to build a better tomorrow. She believes you should love what you do and if you don’t, you should make changes. Life is short, and everyone deserves happiness! Becky founded B Whatever Sunshine, a company rooted in developing relationships motivated to create and design spaces (literally and figuratively) allowing people to step back, breathe, take care of themselves and move forward toward growth and deeper understanding of themselves, their personal why and their impact on this world. Becky’s passion for equity, joyful moments and her sense of humor keep things authentic, fun, and relatable.

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