My Insight into the Ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Technique

Insight into the Ho’oponopono Technique

First, I’d like to tell you about the benefits of using the Ho’oponopono technique and how it started. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawai’ian practice; that helps heal and cleanse the subconscious. Firstly, let’s chat a little about our subconscious, which tends to hold on to all the yucky stuff we try to avoid. To clarify, such as trauma, guilt, sadness, abuse, heartache, all the negative emotions; we have accumulated in this lifetime. Secondly, we may not even beware we’re still holding to something from our childhood. Thirdly, and most importantly, this practice offers an opportunity to take full responsibility for what shows up in our lives. Lastly, we can’t change our outer experience; without first changing ourselves. It starts with healing through loving ourselves. 

How to Practice

I do frequently use the Ho’oponopono technique in my life. Enjoying guided meditations or on my own for 10 minutes to 30 minutes. I visualize uncomfortable situations with emotions; as I vocalize the mantras (listed below). My body and mind always calm down once I do the 1st round. As tears begin, I notice it works better speaking the phrases out loud. Now and then, I do 30 days of journaling my experience, or a week or a couple of days during the week. Ok, it’s a daily practice. As a result, regardless of how often I add this technique to my life, I always feel amazing after.

The mantras don’t have to be in any particular order. A mantra is a word, phrase, or concept mentioned repeatedly normally during prayer or meditation. Below is my favorite order:

 •I’m sorry 

•Please forgive me 

•Thank you

 •I love you 

The above phrases allow us to be open to healing, to reconnect to our power.  

A Quick History Lesson

A great way to think about Ho’oponopono is by its meaning: to cause; to make something right. This powerful practice has been around for centuries, as early as the 1800s. Originally the Ho’oponopono, the healing and cleansing technique practice helped rejoin families. Which helped restore and maintain good relationships among the family members.

 In the early 1980s, Dr. Haleaka Hew Len shined a light on the healing technique of Ho’oponopono. He cured every patient in the criminally insane ward at the State Hospital in Hawaii. Believe it or not, Dr. Len never saw any patients; in person. Dr. Len would sit in his office reviewing each file continuously. While chanting  ” I love you” and “I’m sorry. Haleaka Hew Len Ph.D. learned that using this potent, forgiveness, and releasing process; clears the mind of subconscious blocks. It clears out unconsciously accepted beliefs, thoughts, and memories that we may not be aware of, holding us back.

My Life with the Ho’oponopono Technique

Honestly, I can’t remember when or how I found the Hawai’ian practice Ho’oponopono. As I look back over my journals, I did a lot of deep diving in my subconscious with shadow work (self-actualizing those ignored and neglected shadow aspects that come from unresolved experiences or perceptions = trauma). This quote is perfect for how I found the Ho’oponopono technique or how it found me:

When the student is ready the teacher will appear

by Tao Te Ching 

My 1st Ho’oponopono Technique Meditation

However, I do remember my 1st Ho’oponopono technique meditation. My eyes filled with tears as floods ran down my cheeks. As I chanted, “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” and “I love you”. It was as if I had a direct path to my subconscious. Those tears represented the release of so many negative emotions that had taken up space in my mind.

Here’s how I felt after my first Ho’oponopono experience. To sum things up, imagine it’s a beautiful sunny day, and you have never felt the sun. While running a few errands you suddenly feel your entire body warming up. You’re excited. Finally, you felt the sprinkling rays of sunlight. And every day after seems brighter and more beautiful than ever before. I felt as if; it was my first time feeling the sun against my skin. It was incredible. Ho’oponopono is a technique and a practice that has helped me open my eyes with a better sight of awareness.

In common with other shamanic traditions, the Hawaiian tradition teaches that all life is connected. Ho’oponopono, therefore, is not only a way of healing ourselves butfor others and our world as well.

Timothy Freke, Shamanic Wisdom keeper
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