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My Thoughts on Navigating Change, Endings & New Beginnings

Change is inevitable and the only thing that is constant throughout our lives. The world is always shifting and changing, even when we are not aware. I have a complicated relationship with navigating change, as most of us probably do. Sometimes change feels exciting, like a fresh start. Other times I feel out of control and terrified. At this very moment, I am learning to navigate change in a way that fosters my growth. However, it is not an easy process and I still have so much to learn.

I am learning to embrace change and welcome it as a new beginning.

There are countless ways that change manifests in our lives. Change can look like a relationship ending, a job change, moving houses or states, starting school or graduating, or even internal shifts that lead to a new perspective, shifts in mental health, and changes in religion or spirituality; the list goes on and on. Any type of change that nudges us out of our comfort zones and the familiarity of our previous lives can have a huge impact on our inner peace. It is tough to mourn the loss of someone or something special and familiar, and it is scary to look into the “abyss of the unknown” that is the future.

I am writing this blog for future me, as a way to look back at my progress down the road. A way to document where I am right now in the shifting seas of life and navigating change. I am writing this blog to foster the spark of hope that I feel flickering in my soul. The part of me that knows that I will grow and live a life that I desire. That I will be shaped by this experience in a way that I will be thankful for later. To know that rejection is protection, and this new beginning is the start of a monumental and beautiful chapter in my life.

The rest of this blog contains my thoughts on how to navigate change, endings, and new beginnings. Keep reading if you are interested in how I am nurturing myself during a time of transition in my life. I will continue to come back to these when I feel overwhelmed or my hope is dwindling. I hope you find peace within them as well.

“Give yourself time and freedom to adapt to these changes and figure out what they mean to you. Give yourself time to catch up. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to your needs. Let yourself adapt to the changes that are right for you.”

Melody Beattie author of Journey to the Heart

Acceptance: Ride it Out

It has been helpful for me, in the process of navigating change, to let go of expectations and stop clinging so tightly to control. It is okay to ride out the pain, the fear, the doubt, and the sadness. Accepting my emotions and allowing myself to feel whatever I need to is essential to my healing and adjusting to a new way of life. Accepting that this new beginning may bring amazing opportunities into our lives.

Focus on Yourself and what You Need

While navigating change, it has been important for me to observe how I’m feeling, and gently ask myself what I need in the moment. Do I need to cry? Do I need to drink some water? To talk to friends or family? Do I need to look in the mirror and remind myself that I’m a bad bitch? Most of the time the answer is yes to all of the above. Allow yourself to indulge in self-care, whatever that means for you. It is not selfish to focus on yourself for a while!

Give Yourself a Break

Don’t judge yourself and how you choose to handle adjusting to a new way of life! Especially with changes that have a huge impact on your routine, your mental health, and your relationships. You are allowed to make mistakes in the process of healing. There is no wrong way to figure out how to navigate change. Do not feel guilt or shame surrounding how you choose to temporarily respond to a shift in your life. Remember that the situation you are in and the way that you feel will not last forever. So give yourself a break!

Visualize Future You

In the midst of change, I cope by focusing on what I am manifesting for my future self. Knowing that this new beginning will shape me into a strong, independent, badass woman. Visualizing the future also helps me remember that the pain and stress will not last forever. Every spare moment I get I think about the blessings that are still to come, the people and places that I still have left to experience, the happiness and peace that I have yet to feel!

Reach Out to People You Trust

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HANDLE IT ALONE. It is critical to spend time alone to reflect, sit with our emotions, and heal. However, it is just as important to reach out for support. Some of the moments when I felt most supported and hopeful in my journey was when my mom or my friends were kind enough to share words of encouragement and wisdom that I cling to when I am down.

My last note is: Remember that everything you need is inside of you. Even when it feels lonely and hard, know that you are capable and resilient. THE HEALING IS WITHIN YOU.

For more insight on how to cope with change and transition, I recommend the book Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change. You can buy it on Amazon here. To read more from me, check out some of my other blog posts here.

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