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Leery of Network Marketing? Get With The Times: MLM is Now a Way of Life.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you are probably well aware that network marketing distributors are taking over the internet. Social media feeds are flooded with the offerings of people’s products and services. From clothes to vitamins to cleaning supplies, you want it, you can find it from someone you know.

Every time I scroll I see many options for a multitude of products and services I can choose from. Heck, I even get multiple messages a day from people wanting to be my friend and sell me their stuff. Okay… yes I’ll admit that can get a bit irritating sometimes.

Love or hate MLM (multi level marketing) companies, It’s time to get with the times. The way we buy is changing. As it should. So stop being so afraid of network marketing. Your uneasiness is keeping you from experiencing some pretty cool stuff. Things have changed and it is no longer the scam of earlier days my friends. It’s time to shake up the way we see the support of small business and our buying opportunities.

Still not quite sure? At least keep reading and hear me out.

Network Marketing

Why is everyone so afraid of network marketing?

Yes, it’s annoying to get a message from a random person you have never met telling you that your life would be better if you just had their weight loss pill. I get it, There is a way to get new customers and there is a way NOT to get new customers. Unfortunately, a lot of people go with the latter.

But, I’ll argue that annoying and scam worthy are two different things and a sustainability marketing agency and similar professionals can tell you the difference. Long gone are the days of our parents when pyramid schemes were born. Yet we still hold the same idea regarding MLM companies today. Let me ask you this. How on earth are you being “scammed” by buying a face cream from your friend? Beats me. Especially if it’s something you’re going to buy from a chain store anyway. This frame of thought makes no sense to me.

My experience with network marketing companies

Back in the day, I tried my hand in a few different companies. These were the pre-social media days and things were much different then. Today, my husband is a part of an MLM company that we love. His company sells customized DNA based supplements. Brilliant right!? Getting your very own customized vitamins based on what your body needs is super cool. But most people don’t want to hear about it because it’s network marketing.

It blows my mind that people would rather support huge retailers and massive companies that could care less about them, rather than supporting their own friends based solely on the stigma around MLM.

Embracing the new way of buying. Top 4 reasons to open yourself to network marketing:

1. Being a conscious buyer- Many network marking businesses are more conscious about their products what is put in them than the big chains that are only worried about their bottom line. Making a conscious choice about the products you buy and the services you use puts the power back into your hands rather than the hands of the mega-companies. And, you’re buying another level of quality that can be offered when it’s not mass produced in that way.

2. Supporting small business- These days there are many people who are making needed income with network marketing as their main job or side hustle. Many moms are now picking up MLM jobs so they can work from home and make an income, and also be with their kids. When you buy from someone directly, you are helping real people who are trying to live their best life just like you.

3. Knowing exactly where your money is going- When you buy your custom DNA based vitamins from my husband for example, you are supporting our family. When you are buying Sally’s makeup, you are supporting her family. Heather’s oils, you are supporting her family. In all these situations you are doing something amazing for yourself, and helping the average person succeed. When you buy your products from large chain stores… who are you ultimately supporting?

4. Saving Money- When you shop with a direct distributor, all the middle people are taken out of the equation. We often think we will save money from a discount store but I’ll warn you to take a look at the toxic chemicals that are on the ingredients list of your item. In the end, if we are paying for a quality product that isn’t full of preservatives and fillers to ensure a long shelf life, we are paying more for these products in store. When we shop small and get it shipped to our door, we cut out the cost of all the steps it takes to get the products into the store.

As always, be an informed buyer

Now, in any avenue of life there are always those people who are looking to scam. If someone is asking you to spend excessive amounts of money or sign extended contracts you can get out of… that kind of stuff. Run the other way! These types of things don’t only occur with MLM companies.

Do your research. Make sure it feels good in your gut. As with any product or service you buy, make sure you are informed about the decision you are making. But don’t automatically run the other way and close yourself off to great opportunities as soon as you hear the words network marketing.

Challenging the MLM stigma

We are entering an age of having more freedom over the choices we make when we buy a product or service. We have more opportunities at our fingertips. This should be exciting! Open your mind and get out there and explore! You may be really surprised at the goodness that you find! Be a part of something bigger. If you can buy it from a friend, go there first! Supporting small business and real people rather than large corporations is something I think we can all be proud of!

Get Connected

If you’d like to learn more about DNA based supplements you can connect with my hubby through Facebook. Also, The We Spot would love to have you check out our Women in Business Directory for a list of awesome products and services offered by our We Spot tribe!

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