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How to Take an Omnichannel Approach to Customer Service

Omnichannel customer service is increasingly expected from customers in the digital age. They want brands to meet them where they are, whether they prefer to speak to someone over the phone or they want to be able to email or chat to someone. Ensuring you provide customer service across multiple channels means you can always be there for your customers. You can solve their problems quickly, collect feedback, and maintain a good brand reputation. So where do you start if you want to take an omnichannel approach to customer service? Take a look at these ideas to help you begin making it happen.

Bring Chat Options Together

Live chat is a popular option for providing and receiving customer service. It allows people to get the help they need right away and at any time. And, with the help of chatbots, it’s a service you can provide 24/7. If you want to take an omnichannel approach to chat, you should use SaaS live chat services that allow you to integrate different channels. You can bring together apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and other important live chat options so that you can manage them in one place. Customers can use their preferred app and brands can manage customer relationships across channels.

Explore Video Communication

Along with live chat, another customer service option that has become more popular is face-to-face video. This channel allows customers to get the personal connection of a face-to-face interaction while also enjoying the convenience of being able to speak to somewhere from wherever they are. Some people prefer it to speaking to someone over the phone. Offering video customer service might not be right for all businesses, but it’s something worth exploring when you’re thinking about which channels you should be adding to your customer service options.

Use AI in the Right Way

AI can be a very useful tool for improving customer service and expanding across different channels. However, it’s important to use it in the right way. The best way to approach AI currently is to see it as a tool that can support your customer service team. It shouldn’t replace them completely but it can help them save time and provide better customer service. AI can be used to answer common questions and decide when a customer needs to speak to a customer service representative instead. And with quickly evolving capabilities, it will soon be capable of much more.

Offer a Self-Service Option

Self-service customer support should be one of the channels you consider for your omnichannel strategy. Self-service allows customers to find the answers they need whenever they need them. They don’t need to wait for a customer service representative to respond to their query. Many people prefer to find the answers they need themselves, especially if it’s the quickest way to get the information they’re looking for. Self-service can be used to provide help with popular topics and FAQs.

If you want to take an omnichannel approach to your customer service, you should explore a range of channels that can be integrated with each other.

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