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Powerful Words – Long Lasting And Far Reaching Effects

Words Are Powerful

He was hurting! It all began years before. He was too young to connect the dots of what was happening. It was just life. He didn’t know any other way existed. By watching his parents handle his other siblings, he quickly learned lessons not intended for him. And it wasn’t long until he realized that he could protect his younger siblings with the right appeasing words, even if he could not protect himself. He was learning just how powerful words actually were!

There were not punches or shoves or beatings. No rough smacks fell across his face and no cruel pinches pained his arms. Just words. Biting, powerful words. Words that ripped across his heart with barbs, and left his eyes vacant. The hurt was too deep for salty tears. None came. Just the protection of no feelings.

Powerful words build up or tear down.

Words Affect All Ages

He went to school. He watched and listened. Learning the ways of emotional survival. He soon discovered that choosing powerful words carefully would win smiles and nods of approval. It became a game of winning acceptance. From his teachers and from his peers. He took this newfound knowledge home and found that it greatly eased the tension and things began to go a bit smoother when he stepped in. 

Powerful Words Shape People

His first job opportunity brought another discovery. Hard work could draw out the words of praise and affirmation also. Soon a routine developed, shaping him into a charming young man with a wonderful personality. Everywhere he went, he attracted friends. Wise words flowed freely and he became an eloquent speaker. Nobody knew. Nobody had any idea what words meant to him. But he had learned about powerful words!

Far Reaching Effects

Until one day. His search for healing could no longer be pushed down. The hurting was too strong to cover and the pain began to slowly ooze out. A trickle every now and then didn’t take long to turn into a flood. A flood that engulfed his entire life and young family. Drowning, he called for help. Words. He needed to hear healing words. Powerful words! Words of hope. Hope! In his feeble struggling he began to doubt that there were any words created with hope for him. Slowly he sank into the old hurt too deep for salty tears. And on into the world of no feelings. 

A Call To Choose Wisely

Words, my friend! The power of words are so deep and so far reaching that most times we completely miss it. The signs completely slip through our recognition and we fail to reach out.They’re so effortless and take such little time. We place very little value on them and carelessly toss them around as if they are worthless. And all the while they are building a life. One sound at a time they are creating a destiny. A world. With powerful words!

How intentional are we about those invisible tones and sounds we pour out hourly? If we could see the physical impact on others, would be change them? It doesn’t take much research to begin to understand the science behind our words. They have power like nothing else in the world. They can change attitudes, feelings, and intentions in a blink of the eye!

Power! To build up or tear down. Power to cause laughter or tears. So much power! And we have it all at our complete disposal. It’s completely up to us how we use our powerful words, and what we create with them. Our words can build up the struggling young people around us. We can encourage the tearful mother who is beginning to feel like a failure, the coworker who is going through a rough relationship, or a grandmother who has lost her lifelong mate.

We can change lives. Build confidences and be the reason someone didn’t take their life. We each have that choice! Every day. 

How are you using your powerful words? 

Lynette Conley

Lynette is a Southern belle transplanted to central Pennsylvania. She lives with her little gentleman who is an avid Lego-lover and her little princess who loves to read and draw. She loves designing and has put that passion to work by creating her own children’s clothing line. After finding the courage to leave a failing marriage she realized that there were so many other women who needed to find their own courage. As she shared her heart and the new things she was learning about bravery, she felt drawn to reach a helping hand to those coming behind her. That launched an opportunity to touch many more lives through writing and mentoring. She's excited to grow and learn in this We Community and hopes that her writing will encourage all who read!

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