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Self Connection: 5 Tips to Knowing Who You Are

Self connection is an ongoing journey. As we change through the years each phase of life has its own effect on how we connect to ourselves. Sometimes we may not recognize who we are anymore. What we love is not really what we love but is what someone else loves. We fall into a trap of doing all the things for everyone else and forget to make sure we do something we love to do too.

When you realize you don’t know who you are anymore, it can be a bit scary. If you are like me you start to feel lost and so unsure of yourself. I struggled to find ways to reconnect with myself and you may too. In searching for myself I startted to do a couple things that really helped to center myself. The following are a few things I do when I need some self connection time. I hope they may help you too.


sefl connection breathe

Stop and take some slow, deep, intentional breaths. Close your eyes if you can and feel your body rise and fall with each breath. I like to repeat ‘renew’ as I breathe in and ‘release’ as I breath out in my head. This simple breathing exercise is really relaxing and centering. One of my favorite self connection practices.

Move Toward Self Connection

self connection move

I don’t do this one as often as I should but when I do I feel alot better. Stretching, yoga, or going for a walk are my go to. I get a lot more out of it when I am not listening to any music, audiobooks or podcasts. Listen to the sounds around you. Stop the noise and focus on your own thoughts for self connection. 


self connection journaling

Find pen and paper and get out your own thoughts. I find that writing in my journal connects me to my feelings on so many levels. Once I get things written out I can either let it go or review my thoughts from an outside perspective and adjust where I need to. Start with how you are feeling or gratitude. Those are perfect ways to find an inner self connection.

Celebrate Self Connection

celebrate your wins

Create a space for your accomplishments and things you enjoy. Maybe a poster/cork board, notebook/journal, photo album or scrapbook there are many ways to make a space for memories to reflect on. Keep this one focused on yourself. Give yourself a place to be your own cheerleader, celebrate and congratulate yourself. One simple way I do this is in my planner. I create a TaDa List at the end of the day to pat myself on the back for the things I did get done, even when the ToDo List did not. It may be simple but it makes me feel accomplished and more self connected. 

Personality Tests


This is one of my favorites. I really enjoy taking these quizzes and tests to learn more about myself. Anyone else pick up the teen magazines in the 90’s just to do the quizzes? Dating myself a bit, I know. Not everything resonates with me when I get my results but I enjoy the process of answering the questions and receiving the results to see what does and what does not sound like me. One of my favorites is from a book called The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. You can find a fun quiz on her website and see if you are an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel. Her framework is a fun and easy way for self connection and help you understand to those around you better.

Mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu

The only person you will know your entire life is YOU. This means we need to stay connected to ourselves. Spending time with yourself is so important. When we are looking within, we can find our inner strength to be ourselves. The feeling of being lost and unsure of yourself seem to ease and you start to look for space to be YOU – this is when you know who you are. Take time to be with yourself, do the things you enjoy. Take time for yourself to enjoy the person you are, you are amazing and worthy of the time dear friend.

Do you need more ideas for self connection? I have a 30 Day Self Connection Journaling Prompt Series in The Sparkle Journal Sisterhood Facebook group. We are an encouraging group of women on our own journeys to self discovery. I invite you to join us. Hope to see you soon.

Jaime Jo Freeman

Jaime Jo is a daughter, sister, friend, a wife and mom to 2 beautiful young girls. She was born in California, grew up in Las Vegas and now lives the Midwest life in Missouri. She enjoys turning little moments into big memories for her family. She loves hot tea, her current journal, and a cozy blanket. She has a large collection of bookmarks, key chains and earrings. Jaime Jo is a Journaling Mentor, helping women create a journaling practice that fits into their season of life. As mom’s we tend to give our all to others and may even forget what we love to do for ourselves. She uses the power of journaling to bring what they love back into their lives. Her message is “When you can’t do more of what you love, journal about it.” Her hope is to show women a place they can turn and be themselves, use their voice and explore who they are in the pages of their journal. Find more info at Jaime Jo is passionate about connecting, encouraging and holding space for others to be themselves. She believes we all do our best with what we have and what we know. Being kind is huge in our world today and creating the life you want comes from within. Be the YOU no one else can be.

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