Senses and Our Emotions

Senses and Our Emotions


Have you ever just sat and taken in the sounds and smells around you?  Isn’t it funny how quickly your mood can change because you go back to either a really good time in your life or a bad time? It amazes me that no matter how hard we try to move on from certain times in our lives, our senses can trigger our emotions and bring us back in a heartbeat.

God gave us five senses!  Taste, touch, see, hear and smell.  Lets talk about smell and sound. We smell things with our noses and hear things with our ears. Sometimes those smells and sounds can trigger something in us that takes us to times in our lives that we truly loved or truly dreaded. What smell gets you? What sound gets you?  What really makes you go back in time and re-live a certain period?  


Mine is a strange one. When I smell a certain cigarette, all of a sudden an old cowboy friend comes riding into my memories. A time when riding horses was all I had to worry about. A time when sitting co-pilot in his old Chevy truck headed for Taco Tuesday and margaritias was the top of my list. I can be walking in a public place and get one whiff of that cigarette and I’m back to my care-free days.

What happens when that sense of smell triggers an emotion or feeling you really don’t want to revisit? Hospitals have a smell that can bring me to my knees. That first whiff into my nose and my thoughts scream…run…throw up. But why? Not all hospital stays are bad. Babies are born and lives are saved. But for me, the perfect combination of smells can take me back to the months, weeks, days that I watched my Mom die. I can’t just wash those smells away.  And believe me, I wish I could. Thankfully, I can avoid hospitals to some extent.


Let’s talk about sounds. Talk about a world full of them. From the smallest buzzing of a fly to the loudest crack of thunder. Sound is an amazing sense. What happens when that sound takes you on an emotional roller coaster?  Do you buckle your seat belt tight or do you try and lean on your faith to get you through it? I would like to believe I rely on my faith but sometimes I jump on that roller coaster and lose my mind. I truly let the senses control my emotions. 

What about the sound you hear when the teacher would tap her ruler on her desk? Or the sound of an ambulance going down the highway? You can only imagine someone is in major trouble. Or the police lights behind you telling you to pull over? So many sounds can cause us distress. But what about the sound of the grass blowing in the wind, the ocean waves crashing on the beach? The cry of a new born baby? Not all sounds are meant to take you back to a point of dislike. What sound takes you back to that happy place? 

Everyday we encounter smells and sounds that can so easily take us back to places we love or places that make us cringe. So why would God give us these senses if some can bring so much pain? But on the other hand can give us so much joy? Our ability to smell and hear are just two of our five senses that God gave us. The next time one of your senses sends you down that rollercoaster hill don’t be afraid to tighten your seatbelt a little tighter and enjoy the ride.

Colleen Knese

Colleen was born and raised in Southern California. At the age of 19 she lost her Mom to cancer. Her life was turned upside down. She met her husband Albert while he was stationed at Camp Pendleton in the Marine Corps. They moved to Missouri in 2000 and began their life. They now live on a 190 acre farm in a small town with their two amazing children. They have been together 20 years and married 16. Colleen grew up showing horse and to this day they are a big part of her family life! Currently she works at her children’s school as a secretary and love that they get to be together on a daily basis. In her spare time you will find her doing daily chores on the farm as well as competing in Rodeo as a family. She loves DIY projects, reading, and journaling and has a slight addiction to coffee! Her life is a journey and she's continuing to grow and learn and is so excited to be a part of this amazing group! When she was in high school, her dream was to be a reporter/journalist but life happened and God had other plans!

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