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Sensitivity and Imagery: The Meaning and How They Impact You

Are you someone who is sensitive? If you are, do you sometimes ask yourself or just question, “Why am I so sensitive?” I have many times throughout my life, so if you do, you are not alone. Sensitivity and imagery, what is the meaning and how do they impact you?

The Meaning

Sensitive to what? The sensitivity I’m referring to is how much you are mentally and emotionally affected after engaging with people. The engagement can be positive or negative. The words that they speak to you and their actions towards you. Throughout my life, I’ve questioned my sensitivity to how people would interact with me. I’ve learned to relate the imagery that I see of myself with my sensitivity to how people interacted with me. If it was a negative interaction, it would affect my emotions to where I would question myself. Words are not just words they turn into imagery.

Imagery is created in the subconscious mind as a picture or image and then we may or may not think of the image often, and the subconscious mind is where our beliefs are held. And beliefs get there through communicating with words, sounds, touch, taste, and sight. Growing up we have all probably come in contact with someone who says and does mean things to us. For me, being a sensitive person, those kinds of words hit pretty deep. And, if you are a sensitive person, it can be easy for those words to turn into negative imagery of yourself.

How They Impact you.

As a sensitive person, negative imagery can have such a big impact on how you view yourself. You start to imagine yourself as the thing spoken against you and then you start to believe what was said. So now that you believe their opinion of you, you then begin living how you see this image of yourself. You start to imagine yourself failing at a new idea. You even imagine yourself as this bad person who can’t do anything. If you’re a sensitive person, then positive interaction with someone will have a strong effect as well. During my early tween years, I had to do the big chop on my hair to remove the damage caused by perms. As time went by my hair started to grow, which either way was just fine with me.

As my hair grew I was then told by someone, “Maybe now you’ll start to look like a girl.” All of that soaked in while standing in front of a mirror – it shaped my perception of what I looked like. Those words affected my young, sensitive mind to thinking if I don’t have long hair, I’m not pretty. Not just the words but that moment controlled how I’ve worn my hair from then up to my late 30’s. Now that I am older I realize that holding on to that kept me from truly accepting myself.

Furthermore, when someone speaks words for building and encouragement, this also springs forth images in our subconscious. This is the type of imagery that causes you to see yourself as someone doing and being something great. Nonetheless, just because you are a sensitive person doesn’t mean that you are weak. Actually, controlling sensitivity and imagery, the meaning, and how they impact you allows you to decide the company you keep.

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