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Shine Your Light: 4 Tips to be Kind Online and Spread Love

Here in the We Spot community, we are proud to have a space where we feel surrounded by support and love. Each time I hop onto our blog or pop into our amazing Facebook group, I’m reminded of the community of women that always uplift each other. We support each other in all the different stages and seasons we are in. We have cultivated a group that is welcoming and nurturing.

Too many times, we are faced with situations where others are not so welcoming or positive. In those circumstances, we have to choose how to react. Mean comments can transform a thread into a monster of pain. Lately I’ve been in Facebook groups where a person has a question to post and they have to include “please be kind.” Why is that not a prerequisite for being in these groups? It breaks my heart to see so many attacking comments, let alone, someone having to end a question, in a group made for questions, to be kind. Being behind a computer screen often gives people the power to say things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Let’s stop the cycle of negativity and let’s be kind online!

Here are my 4 tips to be kind online:

1. Spread Love, Hope, and Kindness

Whether or not someone is being mean, making a positive and uplifting comment is a great way to spread love and kindness. Being kind feels good. Think about how you felt when you helped a friend or paid it forward to a stranger. You know that movement of paying for the person behind you in line. That spreads love, hope, and kindness in this sometimes dark world.

One of my favorite things to do is find inspiring and encouraging quotes and posts to share. Not only does this brighten my day, it always encourages someone else too! Don’t be afraid to spread some positivity! I recently signed up for a free 31 day affirmation list because I love the positive vibes and the daily inspiration.

2. Be a Positive Example

When you are kind, you are purposefully connecting and being intentional with your actions. You are caring about the person, the outcome, or both.

We raise kind, respectful, responsible children when we show them how with our actions. The way we act will be an example for our children. Brene Brown says, “first and foremost, we need to be the adults we want our children to be. We should watch our own gossiping and anger. We should model the kindness we want to see.” This is so powerful!

3. Respectfully Disagree

In her book Rising Strong, Brene Brown says, “when we know better, we do better.” When we take the time to connect with others, especially online, we learn about a lot of different backgrounds, stories, lives, and paths. We run into someone who is on a different path, in a different season, or has different beliefs than we do. Every time we are in a situation where we don’t see eye to eye with someone, especially online, we need to remember that they have a background different from ours and that doesn’t mean they deserve any less respect.

I’ve been in local Facebook groups where folks are disagreeing about a local restaurant. He had a good experience there, but she had a bad experience. It happens, we’re all humans. Post your comment, good or bad, based on facts. You don’t have to name call or bully or be condescending. Name the facts and if you can’t come to an agreement, then respectfully agree to disagree.

4. Don’t Engage in Negative Posts.

Before you hit post, make sure you’re considering if you’re spreading love or stirring the pot. Remember; be kind online, spread love and hope.

Dana Andalora

Dana Andalora is a wife, mom of 3, and a numbers girl. She resides in Maryland with her family. Dana is grateful to be in a virtual community with amazing like minded women. She is fascinated with learning and considers herself a personal and professional development junkie. As an expert bookkeeper and financial services provider for the past 15 years, Dana has helped business owners keep their records straight and create more space for profitable business to occur. She cherishes her relationships with clients, and loves helping business owners be more successful. Dana also treasures time in the sun and on the beach and plans to live near the water one day. Dana delights in traveling and has traveled to several states for business and womens retreats. She is excited to be part of the We Spot blog and looks forward to interacting with the readers.

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