Social Strategies

If there is one thing the pandemic has reinforced, it’s the importance of having an online presence and leveraging social media for you business. We have access to an amazing asset for our business in social media. The old ways of marketing are long gone. Social media can be awesome, and also confusing and overwhelming if you don’t know how to leverage it in a way that works. Don’t worry… I’m here to help with social strategies!

What is Social Strategies?

Social Strategies is a three week workshop focused on using social media (particularly Facebook and Instagram) to grow your business. We will be talking about increasing engagement with your ideal client, converting posts to sales, and all the little intricacies of Algorithms and what works and doesn’t work. 

Is it for any business?

YES! We will talk about different businesses and how to approach your social media based on your business. From network marketing and online based businesses, to in person, brick and mortar businesses, we will cover it all. 

What will we talk about?

  • The Does and Don’ts for social media marketing.
  • How to post in a way that’s effective so you don’t get crickets.
  • How to build your audience for free or very low cost.
  • The difference between all the pages and groups. Personal page, business page, and Facebook Groups. Which is more effective and fitting for you and what you’re building?
  • The difference between Facebook and Instagram. Where should you be focusing your energy?
  • Different kinds of posts and how to post in a way that’s sustainable yet effective.
  • Algorithms and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Weekly homework to practice in between meetings. 
  • Access to the private Facebook group for input and support regarding your implementation of strategies.  
  • Converting social media interactions to actual clients.
  • How to connect with your audience AUTHENTICALLY and not using shady strategy that will just make people irritated by you. Which ultimately hurts your business.

Three Meeting Times

September 28th @ 7:00 pm MDT
October 5th @ 7:00 pm MDT
October 12th @ 7:00 pm MDT

You will also have access to a private Facebook group during the course of the workshop to connect, ask questions, and get support while implementing what you’re learning. 

Social Media

Workshop Price: $131.00

OR Venmo (@sarahmonares) and Facebook Pay are additional options for payment.

Social Strategies

Who is teaching the workshop?

Hello! I’m Sarah Monares and I’ll be teaching you all about social. I have created several successful businesses and have been using social media to leverage my business for years. Now, I also manage social media for other businesses as well. I believe in the positive power of social media to connect us and make the world a smaller place. Instead of a local audience, I now have a global audience and network of connection thanks to social networks. I’d love to make that a reality for you as well!

Please contact Sarah Monares with any questions you have via Facebook messenger or at