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Spring: Moving From A Long, Dark Winter to Restored Hope

Awakened by tweeting and the singing of birds outside my window, my heart did a flip and my spirit soared. What a welcomed sound! It was the reminder I needed to instill hope that the season of spring was right around the corner! What a joy to know that being plagued by the winter doldrums would soon be but a distant memory.

Coming out of this past year certainly feels a lot like coming out of a hard winter. With the onset of spring, we can behold the invitation to absorb all that is fresh and new around us. In great anticipation, we know that plants will be coming to life, bulbs will burst from the ground, and trees will bud and blossom. The world around us will be fraught with fragrance, abounding in colorful hue, and bursting forth with renewed life. All that has been dormant will erupt with life! 

What about you and me? Is the hope contagious? Are we stepping into spring with great anticipation of a new season, new experiences, and with renewed life? Are we excitedly stepping into spring feeling like a

“…tree planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.  Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do?”

Psalm 1:3

Or, like me, has life hit you hard? Do you feel as if these last several months have sucked all the air out of you like a deflating balloon? Let us join hands with restored hope that, as we step into spring, we will see more gatherings, activity, and unity within our population.  Let us ask ourselves, as we literally move into these new seasons of spring and summer, how can we hold fast to hope? How can we move from what has seemed a long, dark winter and find renewal, regrowth, and restored hope?

trees in full bloom in spring season

Get Active In Spring Season

The sun is brightly shining and the temperatures are steadily rising. It’s time to get outside and into the sun to soak up some vitamin D! Nothing can get us out of the doldrums better than experiencing a change of scenery. Movement invigorates the muscles as much as it uplifts our spirits. Getting outside for fresh air is good for the mind, body, and soul. Experiencing a change of scenery is equally as good for the mind, body, and soul.

What joy it is to step into spring and comfortably soak up nature while on a hike or greet our neighbors while on a walk? If it is a time of solace that you seek, no doubt that time outside walking or running while listening to a podcast will help restore your soul, bringing peace to your spirit. Whatever it is, getting out and getting active are fabulous ways to encourage a lifting of the winter doldrums and embrace the rebirth of a new attitude in spring.  Let us each step outside together and take hold of the world around us. Are you excited to embrace hope being restored?

Quote over renewed hope in spring

Renew Passion

It’s time to reignite whatever fuels our passion! Spring is an excellent time to give birth to our passions and move forward in enjoying them. Maybe gardening is a passion. There is no better time than now to turn the hardened winter soil and plant seeds for a summer or fall harvest. If it’s a cooler climate you live in (and the growing season somewhat short), plant seeds indoors and watch the seedlings come to life!  

Maybe music is a passion and finding ways to collaborate with other musicians has been challenging over this past year. With the warmer temperatures comes more of an opportunity to gather, collaborate, and share your gift of music with others. Finding ways to move forward with your individual passion helps with moving past the doldrums of all that once was. Encouraging you to grasp hold of hope and all that could be possible within the days ahead! 

As spring unfolds, find ways to fill your calendar with opportunities to share your musical talent, play with others, and/or learn new musical tunes. Spring is a time to come alive! Allow your passions to do the same, and delight in the joy that flows from your heart and soul.

Collaborate and Find Community Within The Spring Season

Oftentimes we find blessing when we push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones. For introverts, collaborating with others can be challenging. For extroverts, getting together with others is essential for health and happiness. After all, our very inner beings crave community and being with others. Finding groups of people with similar interests is a great way to start fresh, new, and possibly even bring encouragement to others at the same time. 

Maybe it’s a support group with other individuals enduring similar struggles, disappointments, and strongholds. Maybe it’s an adventure group designed to encourage others to get outside and enjoy nature with one another. Or, maybe it is a book club where all come together to read the same book and build community through discussion of those books. The We Spot community may be a great place for you to start with their continuous We Spot Book Talk Online Event.

Whatever sparks your interest, rest assured that the spring season is a great time to get out there and try new things. May it be a season of rebirth, renewal, and new growth for each and every one of us!

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Stacy McClelland

Stacy is a woman with Texas roots, who, as a lover of mountains, camping, and hiking, is over-the-moon to call Loveland, CO her current home. Stacy holds a degree in Elementary Education, having spent many years in the classroom as a Special Education or Substitute Teacher. As wife to her pastor-husband for over twenty years, and mother to their three daughters, Stacy has been blessed with the opportunity to manage their home and focus on raising their girls. Partnering with her husband in ministry over the past two decades, she is armed with experiences of walking through the hardships of life with many. However, she has also had the opportunity to embrace beautiful moments of joy, grace, and overcoming with others, as well. It has been her honor and joy, as of late, to serve and teach within Bible Study Fellowship as a Substitute Teaching Leader. Coming alongside other women to read, study, learn and grow in their understanding of the Bible and how it applies to their everyday lives has been where Stacy has discovered her “sweet spot” for teaching. Having traveled many parts of the world, she yearns to come alongside, support, and edify others in and through their circumstances. She hopes another avenue for finding connection with women will be found in and through her writing. For, it is her joy in life to encourage, uplift, and connect with youth and women in navigating “this thing called life.”