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If You Are Starting Your Own Hobby Farm: Some Things To Consider

A hobby farm, by definition, is smaller than a small-scale commercial farm and considerably more so than a full-scale corporate farm. It can still be productive and enjoyable, although on a much smaller scale than the others. If you are thinking about venturing into farm life, keep reading for a few tips that might help you on your way.

Pay Attention to Safety

In today’s world, there is too much knowledge available to make poor choices regarding safety on the farm. Here are a few key considerations.

  • Fire Safety – One essential safety measure every farm, regardless of size, must have is a means to fight fires. If standard fire hydrants are not available on your property due to the rural location, look into installing a firefighting pump. These are sound investments as they perform double duty. A firefighting pump can provide firefighters with a reliable source of water and aid in farm irrigation efforts.
  • Emergency Contacts – The first thing you need to look at on your property is whether your address is recognized by the 911 or emergency contact system. Contact your local county agency to verify and make any corrections or additions as needed. Next, check to see if you get cell service or have access to WiFi when working in the fields or barns. If not, contact your local carrier to find out what options you may have and look into alternative communication devices, such as walkie-talkies.

Decide What to Do with the Extras

One thing about farming at any scale is that in a good growing season, you will likely end up with more produce than you can handle. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reap the benefits of your efforts. When you have too much to use at home, try one of these options so nothing goes to waste.

Donate to Those in Need

Food pantries and homeless shelters too often either do not have enough food to meet demand or only have unhealthy prepackaged food. If you can donate extra eggs, fruits, and vegetables, you will help those who need them most by giving them healthier food options.

Give to Family and Friends

Your family and friends are probably overjoyed to receive your overly-abundant produce. Drop it off as an extra-special gift with a recipe card showing what they can do with the specific ingredients.

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Set Up a Stand at the Farmer’s Market

Selling your goods at the local farmer’s market is a fun way to make money from your efforts on the farm while interacting with the community. Sell your produce as is, or bake a few apple pies if your orchard has been particularly fruitful this season. Announce the farmer’s market dates, location, and what you will have available on your social media platforms to encourage patrons to stop by.

If you are interested in selling at a farmer’s market, watch this video to learn an eye-catching way to set up your stand.

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Use this information to make the best decisions for your future farming endeavors whether you are raising a few chickens or looking for a larger-scale production. It is always easier to make good decisions for safety, productivity, and fun on the farm when you are informed.

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