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Sharing our stories is powerful, not only in the freedom it brings us when we share but also in the normalization and validation it brings others. So often we let ourselves believe we are the only ones who feel the way we do or that our struggles are unique to only us. By sharing our stories and reading the experiences of others, we can be empowered to heal, individually and together. 

We encourage the submission of vulnerable, and real pieces. Pieces that shine light in the dark places and help up know we aren’t alone. Funny, vulnerable, and a little edgy are ok with us! We love talking about the things people don’t normally talk about!

There are 2 ways to have your writing featured on The We Spot.

1. Mini Blogs

Submit a mini blog to be posted to our social medial platforms.


  • Instagram: 2100 characters (including spaces) or less.
  • Facebook: No limit. We encourage you to keep it around the same as Instagram. If you need to go above 2100 characters. Please submit a shorter version for Instagram and a longer one for Facebook.
  • If your mini blog is submitted over the character limit and only one version is submitted it may not be posted. By submitting you are agreeing to us shortening the post to fit the character count as we see fit.
  • Picture– If you would like a specific picture posted with your mini blog please attach it to your email. It should be a Square shape original photo taken by you. No photos should be submitted that are copywritten.  If you submit your photo to us, you are agreeing to allow us to use it in accompaniment to your blog. Pictures that include the writer of the blog often relate best to readers. We love to see your face!
    • If no picture is submitted we will choose a photo to accompany the mini blog. The blogs are also made into reels on Instagram and we will choose a video to accompany the reel. If you have a specific video you’d like to use, you can also attach that to the email.

2. Full Blogs

Submit a full-size blog to be posted to our blog at thewespot.com.


  • 600-2500 words
  •  A personal photo to be attached for the featured image consideration. Horizontal orientation photos only.
  • Additional photos you would like included in the body of your blog. If no photos are submitted, we will choose photos to accompany your piece.
  • 150-word maximum bio to include on the site.
  • A headshot of yourself to be displayed with your bio.
  • We do accept anonymous submissions. If you don’t wish to be featured with your piece, just let us know the submission is anonymous. 
  • Your blog will be promoted on our Facebook page and in Instagram and Facebook stories. 

All content requested must be submitted in order for your blog to publish. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. We will notify you by email when your piece is going to post. We encourage you to promote as much as possible! Your insight is needed!

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