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Surviving Summer With Your Kiddos – Four Tips To Help You Thrive!

Spring is now in full swing, and summer time is knocking at the door. Soon the doors of school will fly open – and a flood of children will pour out hooting and hollering the freedom of summer!

Creating Coghlans Surviving Summer With Your Kiddos

As Moms summer can evoke a different type of emotion.  
How am I supposed to successfully survive (and thrive) this summer?
Well I am here to give you tips for success, so you can actually enjoy your summer time.

Summer Tip #1 – Evaluate your stage in life

There are a lot of fun summer activities, but before you even get to marking up your calendar take a realistic look at what stage of life you are in.

  • What age are your kiddos?
  • Do you have infants or toddlers who still need a nap everyday?
  • Will you have a range of children to please from elementary to high school?
  • What interests do you all have in common?

Summer Tip #2 – Look at your calendar

Knowing how long to plan for will help you craft a great summer plan! If you have a vacation, block out those days.  Make sure to look up when your child is starting school again, as well as adding in any times family or friends may be coming to visit.  

  • What does your daily schedule look like?
  • Do you work outside the home or from home?
  • Will your children need to be somewhere else or entertain themselves in the house during these times?

Knowing these times will help you plan, so you can see a realistic overview of what times you may need to fill in with some fun activities so you can survive summer successfully!

Play games with your kiddos this summer, Creating Coghlans

Summer Tip #3 – Google, Then Network with Other Parents

It seems simple, but take a step and google “fun things to do in my area”.  This will be a great starting point to build your summer plans. Also don’t forget to connect with other parents in your areas and find out what they are planning this summer. Perhaps you will gain some good ideas – or maybe even figure out some overlapping times where you can hang out together.

Here are some fun ideas for most age groups:

  • Summer passes at community centers – They usually have pools, athletics, and fun activities for all ages
  • Hiking/Trails – Being outdoors helps everyone! You can easily find hikes or trails in your area.  Or keep it as simple as walking around the neighborhood.
  • Parks – Remember parks are not just for your toddlers! Bigger kids can have fun too! Most parks have basketball courts, or bring a soccer ball and kick it around. Nerf guns or water balloons make a fun way to spice up your play time for older kids.
  • Pools – Do you have a backyard, neighborhood pool or lake nearby? Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of these resources.
  • Summer Camps/VBS – Most towns have at least a few different options for camps.  You can usually find day or even week long options!
  • Indoor Play Areas – Trampoline parks as well as bounce houses can provide hours of fun.
  • Theme/Amusement parks, Zoos or Museums – Purchasing a season pass to any of these places provide a ton of opportunity.  Most of these places are too big to see all in one day, and when you end up going multiple times in a summer it provides for a different experience each time.
Legos are a great way to help your summer be screen-free, by Creating Coghlans.

Summer Tip #4 – Have Open Ended Activities At Home

You can feel tempted to turn on the TV for the kids and let them watch all day – but that usually leads to fussing and irritation for the child (and parent).  Try having open ended screen free options such as legos, painting/drawing/coloring (Youtube has some awesome channels for kids), books or board games.

Now you don’t need to have a ridged structured schedule that is dictating every moment of your summer. But by creating a place where you and the children know what to expect, you can have a successful summer.

Franklin Quote If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. Creating Coghlans

Summer (Bonus) Tip

Try to stay flexible.  
Remember that your schedule and plan is there to serve you – you are not a servant to the plan.  
Feel free to mix it up, and make your plan as simple or complicated as you’d like. And remember – Enjoy your summer!
These times are where memories are made!

Carissa Coghlan

Carissa Coghlan is the mother to three beautiful children, seven and younger. She stays at home full time and homeschools her oldest son. She loves drinking coffee, crafting and organizing her home. She grew up in the bay area of California, and will always feel most at peace standing on the beach hearing the waves crash onto the shore. She has a podcast, called Creating Coghlans, where her and her family are striving to live a more intentional life, filled with more understanding and grace.

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