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Taking a Sick Day: Things to Think About

When was the last time you took a sick day? Successful people take sick days. Unsuccessful people take sick days. Everybody who is anybody takes a sick day. Why? Because we are human and we become ill from time to time.

Some people even take a sick day when they’re not really sick, but they do need a day just to have a break and a breather. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. These are actually now known as mental health days, and most employers will offer you your usual sick allowance through the year, plus a couple of days on top for you to take, no questions asked.People who use their sick day strategically will know not to take too many. They’ll know that they need to spend the time inside their homes curled up on the couch and looking for where can you watch Harry Potter online. There is nothing wrong with taking a sick day, especially if it’s just once or twice a year when you’re not actually sick. You just need to know what you are using them for.

So what should you think about when you are taking a sick day?

Plan it

If this is a sick day where you don’t actually feel sick, you need to plan it into your schedule. For example, you don’t want to take a sick day just when you have a hangover. Sometimes a sick day is just a day for mentally recovering from the stresses that are happening in life. Sometimes it means using some time when the kids are at school to be able to clean your house thoroughly and have some quiet time. 

Think about your coworkers

If you’re working in a team and you know that it will be poor timing just to randomly take a sick day, then make sure that you have considered your colleagues before you do it. You should be able to take one when your workloads are low so that you’re not putting too much stress on other people.

Don’t do it to avoid a deadline

You need to be accountable in your job and you need to make sure that your sick day is where it’s going to be a quiet time of the year. So if there is a deadline coming up or a meeting happening, don’t just pull a sick day. Otherwise, it will raise suspicions and reflect very poorly on you as time goes on. You need to do what needs to be done before taking a sick day and that will make it much more rewarding for you.

Do not feel guilty

Sometimes you really do. Just need a day to put your feet up, have some snacks and watch Harry Potter on the TV. Plan your sick day well and no one will be left in the lurch or picking up your slack. And that will mean that you feel absolutely fine about taking a day just to rest. We might get weekends, but that doesn’t always work, so make sure you plan your sick day properly. 

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