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4 Ways to Guide Your Teenage Daughter into a Confident and Successful Woman

If you’ve got a teenage daughter, even a prepubescent one, then you’ll know all too well how difficult this time of their life can be. Even if you’re a father who doesn’t quite understand how it feels for your daughter to be going through these changes, you’ll remember yourself how hard your teenage years were. And, if your daughter is lacking confidence, you’ll want to do everything in your power to show her how incredible she really is. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways you can help your teenage daughter gain that confidence and become the incredible woman you know she is going to be.

Surround her with strong women

It’s difficult to feel strong, no matter who you are when you don’t have people to look up to. Luckily, your teenage daughter is at an age where there’s a good chance she’s surrounded by other women that she can use as role models. This could be a teacher that she particularly looks up to, her mother, an older sister, or another female member of the family who would be able to impart the best wisdom onto your daughter. Encourage them to help her make the right decisions when it comes to school, career choices, and even the things she does socially. Sometimes it’s easier for teenagers to look up to people outside of their immediate family – don’t take it personally!

Help her feel beautiful

Teenage girls are notorious for feeling self-conscious, especially with the images and videos they see in the media every single day. That’s why even though you think she’s absolutely perfect, you should help her feel beautiful in any way you can. This might be by taking her to get her hair done or treating her to a set of new nails. Or, it might mean tackling other areas that are making her feel self-conscious like her teeth. You could look into dentistry options like teeth whitening, braces, or even veneers if she has missing teeth. Once she feels comfortable in her own skin, you’ll notice her confidence skyrocket. What makes each of us feel beautiful is different. Find what fits best for her.

Encourage her to follow her passions

Confidence isn’t just about physical appearance; it’s about how you feel about who you are as a person. While she might not be old enough to have a career yet, there are other ways she can build skills that she feels proud of, and that’s through pursuing her passions. So, if she’s incredible at swimming, encourage her to join a swimming team! Or, if she’s got a natural talent for writing, encourage her to start her own blog to inspire others her age.

Tell her how much you admire and support her more often

Finally, sometimes the best and only thing you can do is be a supportive parent. These years aren’t easy to navigate, and as long as she knows she’s got you on her side to turn to if needed, you can rest assured she’s going to be a confident and happy young woman! You’ve got this!

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