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The Value Of Our History Begins In Our Thoughts

The Beauty of History

The value of our History is such a beautiful thing! Because there’s so much you can learn from it. And by reading the writings left behind we can glean so many facts to help us to grow and to become a better person. So many stories I have read have encouraged me to up my game in my every day life and to desire something more. By listening to older people recount their history I have learned to avoid their mistakes and to build on their wins.

Learning from this history is of value to me. It helps me not to make the same mistakes as others in the past have made. I can build on their knowledge. I can grow a better me without going through the same hard lessons they struggled through. History is such a lesson of value and a beautiful encouragement!

Acknowledging History’s Value

As I’m reading or listening to these stories from history my mind is picturing them as real, normal, everyday people. They were living life just like I do today. That thinking brought on the realization that everything I do today is making history! Every choice, every action and all the words I am speaking, whether they are of good value or not, are being recorded in history. And the thing about history is that it can never be erased. I can’t decide that I made a mistake and now I want to fix it. History simply can not be changed. 

This made me sit back and take thought to the choices and the actions I do every day. Will I be proud of my actions and words someday or will I be embarrassed? Will they lead to growth or will somebody read or hear my story and see a mistake to avoid? Someday my life will be history to my children and grandchildren and I want to add value to their future.  

Controlling The Value Of Our History

With this realization, I began to dig deep into my life. I wanted to figure out how I could rise up and give future generations my very best. I began to study personal development. Slowly the realization came to me that the value of my history begins in my thoughts. The thoughts I allow on a daily basis is what is writing my history.

I dug even deeper to discover the science behind how thoughts work. Only when I understood a portion of this did things seem to fall into place. I began to understand the importance of the thoughts I allowed in my mind. I realized that uplifting, joyous and grateful thoughts are going to attract good things into my life; which will help me to add value to my history so it can be an encouragement. Destructive, discouraging and sad thoughts are going to try to drag me into depression if I harbor them too long. Thus creating a sad history filled with lessons others can learn from. 

Leaving A Valuable History

Leaving a history of value that others will be encouraged by is a high priority for me. I understand that being intentional about my thoughts is where I want to place my focus. But it will not happen unless I make an effort. Every single day of my life I must be the best version of myself possible. Therefore I must put forth an effort to make today great enough to last into history.
I look around and ask you, and others who walk through life, what kind of history are you making today? Does thinking of the value of your history change your plans for today?

Lynette Conley

Lynette is a Southern belle transplanted to central Pennsylvania. She lives with her little gentleman who is an avid Lego-lover and her little princess who loves to read and draw. She loves designing and has put that passion to work by creating her own children’s clothing line. After finding the courage to leave a failing marriage she realized that there were so many other women who needed to find their own courage. As she shared her heart and the new things she was learning about bravery, she felt drawn to reach a helping hand to those coming behind her. That launched an opportunity to touch many more lives through writing and mentoring. She's excited to grow and learn in this We Community and hopes that her writing will encourage all who read!

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