The We Podcast #3: Guest Maryanna Brunkhorst

On this episode of The We Podcast I interview Maryanna Brunkhorst. Maryanna is a writer, dancer, explorer, lifelong learner, woman, and veteran.  She talks to us about her story and how she has used journaling as an ever-present friend accompanying her through unexpected loss, seasons of change, and life adventures. She is now a certified […]

Sarah Monares

Sarah is the founder and creator of The We Spot. She is a Colorado native and she absolutely loves to travel yet, feels blessed to live in a place where she also loves coming back home. She has two awesome kids, and has been married to her hubby for 12 years. Sarah is passionate about helping women make authentic connections with their true selves. She is a counselor and a business and life coach/mentor, as well as a speaker, and author. More than anything she loves belly laughing, coffee, vulnerability, authentic connection, adventure, ice cream, horses, QT with her fam, and seeing women walk in the full power of all they were created to be.

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