The We Podcast #50: Julie Schooler- Embrace Your Creativity: Write a Book

The We Podcast #50: Julie Schooler- Embrace Your Creativity: Write a Book

Welcome to episode #50! In this episode I interview Julie Schooler. Julie lives in New Zealand and we got connected through The We Podcast! She is an author of seven books and mama of two beautiful tiny humans.

She wants you to rediscover YOUR sparkle so she is on a mission to help busy people to have all the love, energy and fun they deserve without the guilt or overwhelm.

Her ‘Easy Peasy’ books provide simple and straightforward information on parenting topics. The ‘Nourish Your Soul’ series shares delicious wisdom to feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled.

This episode is packed with awesome growth nuggets, and also tons of helpful info about writing a book. If you have the feeling inside that you may want to write a book someday. You will want to listen! And if not, this episode just might inspire that spark to appear!

Connect with Julie:

You can find and order her books on Amazon HERE

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Sarah Monares

Sarah is the founder and creator of The We Spot. She is a Colorado native. She absolutely loves to travel yet feels blessed to live in a place where she also loves coming back home. She has two awesome kids, and has been married to her amazing hubby for 8 years. Sarah is passionate about helping women make authentic connections with their true selves and a strong tribe. She is a licensed counselor and a growth and life coach, as well as a speaker, writer, blogger, and consultant. More than anything she loves belly laughing, coffee, vulnerability, authentic connection, adventure, ice cream, horses, QT with her fam, and seeing women walk in the full power of all they were created to be.

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