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The Women are Rising; Time to Build Ourselves Up

For the last ten years I have owned a small strategic sales consultancy. Most of my decision maker clients have been women. Working in and amongst sales and marketing teams, and alongside the consulting projects we’ve worked on together, I have had the pleasure of having thousands of conversations with women about their careers and lives. We typically spend the first half of our meetings discussing the campaigns we are working on. Then, hurriedly we move on to the best bit; delving into exploring our career aspirations, and the challenges and fears that we know will hold us back if we let our thoughts get the better of us.

We are in this together

Having these intimate one on one conversations over the years has led me to understand one very simple fact, women are rising. We are hungry for change. And, with our hearts and imaginations, we have the creative solutions to solve major business and community problems. What we now need to build is our capacity to allow ourselves to grow, and the capabilities to make our ideas and plans happen.

I love supporting women. In my work as a sales specialist for business women, all of my work is centred on teaching women the art of self-discovery. I show women how to uncover what they care about, how they like to do business, who they like to do business with, and how they want to live. From there things naturally flourish. Once you know how to design your life and your business your way, it’s that simple.

I’ve been on quite a journey to who I am today. I haven’t always had the answers to make life and business work for me. But my commitment to my own achievements, and my passionate curiosity for self-discovery has brought me to a place of trust and knowing. The best part about this is I now have the valuable insights to show more women what to do, and how to do it! Then they are able to find their own version of success for themselves, their companies and communities.

Education is the key for us to grow

My real personal growth journey started in my mid-twenties. Never feeling settled in any job, and my constant curiosity and questioning seemed more of a hindrance than a gift. I grew out of my employee skin and into a freelance consultant in my late twenties. Still dissatisfied, I went looking for a sea change in 2007. I was 29 and so just met the under thirty, one year visa criteria in Australia. Once there, I hustled my way into growing a business that secured me residency within my first year.

From the get go of running the business, education was the key to all of my success and personal growth. I had to up-level a lot, and quickly, to manage a team and business growth that was way outside of my comfort zone and existing capabilities. So, I devoured new knowledge to open my mind. Books, online programs, audio books, e-books and mastermind retreats. Everything from mindfulness to become centred in my decision making, to cultivating millionaire mindset strategies to empower me to grow my business, and to charge my worth and be OKAY with building wealth. It was a ride for sure!

As we all know, the most important part of education is the application of the new knowledge. Of course that’s the tricky part for most of us. There were times that were messy, confusing, hard, and draining. But, I can honestly see that the hardest times were the ones that shaped me the most. I grew the business to just under $2million dollars by the time I exited in 2013. And, as a small, tight and caring team of five women, we had won major national accounts with household brands and won awards for our creativity.

So, women are rising!

We know this and we see it everywhere; online, and in our local high street. There has never been a better time than now to go for our goals. To achieve our true potential we have to allow ourselves the space and time to grow. Upskilling ourselves via new knowledge, and committing to follow through on the experiences that will give us the transformational learning. And, we have to come together more and more to support each other and collaborate.

I attribute my success wholly and solely to my unwavering pursuit of education. As well as determination; to not only follow through for myself, but also follow through with the passion and commitment to see other women win.

Go for your dreams and learn how to work well with women around you, who inspire you to be more.

Be brave,


Kelly Quinn

Kelly is moved by genuine human care and connection and so dedicates most of her waking hours alongside people and projects that seek to somehow answer one fundamental question "how can we all better get along?". Known as Kel by her closest friends, she lives in Wales in the UK with her very loving and lively son Harris and fiance Adam. Kelly works with leading visionary women who are bringing deep systemic change to the social, educational and care sectors. She supports them in developing and honouring their innate, intuitive feminine leadership styles and specialises in teaching women how to successfully collaborate and build community in order to amplify their critically important campaigns. Kelly is looking forward to growing her courage and confidence to write more in her own voice on topics she deeply cares about. She's also looking forward to making new US friends as part of The We Spot community.

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